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Breakthrough Made in Deelueby Research

SHILIKIA, Merato (GDEAmerato)

A important breakthrough has been made in the research of deeluebys. Deeluebys are an ostrich-like animal, found on Merato, and with strong resemblances to doohickys. For the last few months, scientists have been working hard to find out all they can about deeluebys in the time that they have been alloted by the Merato government. Their first major breakthrough came yesterday when they positively confirmed that a deelueby has the same vital organ as the doohicky; the xenography. This almost certainly proves that doohickys and deeluebys are somehow related, but the scientists have no idea how.

"It is possible that deeluebys were taken off Drohickyina at the same time as doohickys," says one scientist. "But we have no idea how they could get to Merato. We have a team researching old Neptunian information archives to try and find records of these creatures. But of course, we have no idea what they might have called them, if they did know about them."

Scientists are also perplexed by the fact that deeleubys are living in an atmosphere which does not contain xenophybicophron gas. Doohickys need this gas to work their xenography, and to survive.

Resi Tae, one of the members of the original group of scientists who discovered the deelueby, says "we are completely baffled by the fact that the deelueby has a xenography, yet does not breathe in the gas needed to work it. One possibility is that the xenography is an excess organ which is not needed, yet is there because their ancestors had it."

Another scientist suggested that they could get xenophybicophron from the plants around them but as yet, no such plants have been discovered. According to Plutonian scientist, Wty Oll, this would be highly unlikely anyway.

"The suggestion that deeluebys eat a plant that has not yet been discovered," he said, at a GDEA conference in Narko, "and that they eat it in sufficient quantities to survive, is incredibly unlikely. A doohicky needs approximately seven eltii-litres of xenophybicophron a day. Assuming a deelueby needs the same amount, they would have to eat approximately one hundred and fifty plants a day to survive."

So, an enlightening and confusing day for scientists. As Resi Tae said, "We have found one answer, and it has given us a whole new basket of questions."

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