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 Family Sermons -- A Sermon Site of Dr. Harold L. White

 Don't Blame Your Parents - Ezekiel 18:1-4
 Ezekiel is saying to his generation and to ours, the present is your responsibility.
 He could see that his generation's fixation on the past and its sins drew their attention
 away from the present and its opportunities.
 His generation figured they were stuck with the way things were in their lives
 because it was a punishment for the way their fathers had lived.
 Because their fathers had eaten sour grapes, and their teeth were set on edge.
 Ezekiel will have none of this.
 The past shapes the present, but it does not determine the present.
 The past presents the agenda for the present,
 but it doesn't decide what is going to happen to it. ...

 Get Along With Parents - Exodus 20:12
 Every parent is in the process of being a parent.
 There are times when they are confident.
 There are other times when they doubt.
 There are times when your parents are running scared.
 Your parents may never tell you this directly, but there are times when
 they are running scared when it comes to raising you.
 They know how easy it is for you to really blow it.
 They probably made some pretty silly mistakes when they were your age -- we all have!
 I honestly believe that most parents mean well. ...

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