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 Understanding Marriage!
Pastors and others can use these messages in a series on marriage,
 and they would also be helpful in counseling.


Understanding Marriage -- Part One
Every marriage is unique because unique persons are involved.
Two unique personalities are involved in a marriage.
Most of their characteristics are common to all human beings,
however, they also have individual differences due to their gender, inheritance, ideas,
feelings, and attitudes acquired as a consequence of their experiences in a particular
family and social group.
The kind of marriage they have and its quality will depend to some extent upon
the people they are.

Understanding Marriage -- Part Two
If our home was a comfortable place to be,generally, we've probably grew up to be
a quite "comfortable" person.
If our home was an uncomfortable place to be,then we've probably grew up to be persons
who are not too pleasant to be around.
We need to take a clear look at mom and dad as they really existed and now exist
if we want to learn about ourselves and understand ourselves.

Understanding Marriage -- Part Three
Each and every person has some preconceived notion about the opposite sex
and his own sex that comes directly out of childhood conditioning.
These preconceived, unconscious notions can be tremendously damaging
to the marriage relationship.
Furthermore, they can also be disruptive to our relations with our parents.

Understanding Marriage -- Part Four
When does an adult need to change?
Here are some of the signals we should watch for in our own lives that indicate needed change.
All signals are types of previous conditioning or habits over a long period of time.
Obviously, if a person identifies any of the signals as his or her special problem,
rapid and immediate change cannot be expected.
Rather, they should be viewed as a continuous developmental task
with a future orientation as reconditioning takes place.

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