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 Parenting :

 A Parent's Joy - 3 John Verse 4
 Parents never want their children suffer needlessly.
 And when children turn out right, words again fail to describe the joy parents experience.
 Instead of tears of grief, tears of inexpressible joy are shed.
 When our children succeed in life, it brings parents a sweet satisfaction
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 What Has Happened? - 1 Samuel 2:12-17
 Many parents are so busy making a living that they spend little time in making a home.
 Many parents work 50-60 hours a week.
 Some parents must work two jobs to make ends meet.
 Many parents are active in their hobbies, their sports, or their clubs.
 Some may be so busy in their church.
 Nothing should keep us away from the time our children need us.
 Nothing should bless us more than our family.
 Parents must realize that the most important responsibility is to bring up their children
 in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. ...

 It is Well! - 2 Kings 4:26
 Pastor, we should never forget that there is a battle in process right now
 for the hearts and minds of every child on earth including our own children.
 Satan would deceive and destroy them if given the remotest opportunity.
 I am also convinced that Satan will send his most skillful representatives to attack
 the pastor, his wife, and his children.
 He knows that if he can bring down the Christian home that we proclaim,
 that in the process he will damage and destroy the effectiveness of a ministry
 and the church to which the pastor has been called to serve and live. ...

 Advice From A Father - Proverbs 3:1-12
 Worship and reverence for God have become, for many, a lower priority.
 Irreverence is characteristic.
 Nothing is considered sacred or holy.
 Disrespect has become characteristic in a large number of our schools, with the cause going right
 back to the homes in which children live.
 This lack of respect finds expression in the loss of manners, the prevalence of rudeness,
 an infatuation with violence and crime, and a distorted use of God's great gift of human sexuality.
 It is in this climate that we face our greatest challenge.
 Every parent or grandparent, worthy of this gift of life, wants his or her child to be effective,
 to live well, to be successful in the finest sense of the word.
 It is this yearning that leaps out from tour text from the Book of Proverbs. ...

 Mothers : 

 Crises In A Mother's Life - Luke 10:19f
 This message is not intended to be a digest of easy answers for beleaguered parents,
 nor will it provide quick formulas to already broken relationships.
 This message is an attempt to set forth a few sound principles to help parents find direction
 in this difficult task of rearing children. ...

 One Mean Mother -- Romans 16:13
 There are some who have precious and pleasant memories of their mother.
 There are also some who have painful and unpleasant memories of their mother.
 It's possible that some of you have not yet recovered from deep emotional wounds
 left by your mother.
 You may have had a very loving, godly mother, but there may be some here who didn't.
 Those who may have been neglected, abused and deeply hurt by their mothers could leave here
 without receiving anything from the message.
 Many have been both loved and wounded by their mothers.
 There are positive and the negative ways that our mothers have influenced us.
 Every mother has an important ministry.
 I believe that it is the most important ministry in life. ..

 An Effective Mother - 2 Timothy 1:5
 The effective mother creates a setting to the best of her ability that will encourage
 her children to possess a sincere faith.
 The effective mother demonstrates the Christian life.
 A significant influence of a mother comes
 not so much by preaching or teaching, as it does by example.
 Eunice demonstrated the Christian life to Timothy, and Timothy was always aware of it. ..
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 A Mother's Task - 2 Timothy 7:1-7
 Anytime we honor our mothers is special.
 Mothers tend to be taken for granted except on the second Sunday in May.
 And that is not very appropriate considering the contributions they make to our lives.
 It is said that by the time a youngster reaches age 18,
 the mother has had to handle some 18,000 hours of child-generated housework --
 work that would not have been necessary had there been no child.
 Being a mother is a difficult job. ...

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 A Mother's Wages - Exodus 2:9
 What are the wages of the mother -- abuse, overwork, heartache?
 In our modern life this often seems to be the type of reward that a mother may expect.
 However, a godly mother can look beneath the surface, and see what the real wages are.
 We can look at the story of Jochebed, the mother of Moses, and see truths pertinent
 to the role of motherhood today. ...

 A Good Mother-in-law - Ruth 1:6-18
 Those planning to be married should also remember that they become someone's in-law.
 We received a larger family at marriage...
 Such an acquisition is a wonderful gift which we should cherish.
 The relationships we inherit must also be nurtured.
 We should employ the finest interpersonal skills possible within our family structure.
 Our Christian witness begins here. ...

 A Mother's Prayer - 1 Chronicles 29
 Every child benefits from someone who believes in him, and the younger the child,
 the more important it is to have high expectations.
 You may not have an Einstein, but your child has great possibilities!
 Expect the best and chances are, that's exactly what you'll get.
 As parents, we often expect a lot out of our children, and indeed, the turnabout
 is often true as well.
 Our children expect a lot out of us!
 If we are going to pray with power we must expect God to hear and answer our prayers. 
 We must expect great things. ...

 Mothers, Blessing Or Blight - Proverbs 4:23
 Many here can thank God that had a praying, Bible reading mother who showed you love
 and took you to Sunday school and church, and taught you what was important.
 Such mothers are blessings!
 "Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her."
 (Proverbs 31: 28) ...

 Today's Mother - Proverbs 31:10
 Just what does a mother do all day?
 They work their fingers to the bone.
 They push their nerves to the brink.
 They use every skill they have just to survive the day.
 Little things matter to our kids.
 They are the things that meet special needs that say, I love you.
 But when a mother's time becomes crowded by competing demands, there is no time
 for these little things
 These little things really make a difference ....

 A Godly Mother - Proverbs 31:10
 Godly mothers are difficult to find today.
 There are good mothers and there are great mothers.
 Yet, there is all the difference in the world between a good mother, a great mother,
 and a godly Mother! ...

 A Beauty that Is Not Vain - Proverbs 31:30
 There is a beauty which is not vain, and for this Mother's Day, we would be a healthier and holier
 and happier people if more of this inner beauty appeared in all of us.
 Let us take time to analyze the beauty that isn't a face, but a feeling.
 Let us look at the beauty that is not vain, but which is to be praised.
 Such beauty includes a feeling of wholeness. ...

 A Mother's Ambition - Matthew 20:20-23
 "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."
 The most important ambition of every mothers should be for their children to become
 believers in Jesus,
 Then, pray that God's will dominate them all the days of their lives.
 When they are in God's care and keeping, they will an abundant life here and life forever.
 That should be every Mother's ambition. ...

 Why This Waste? - Mark 14:3-9
Today's mothers are educated, active, wide awake women, who dress in the latest fashion,
 have stylish hairdos, and hold positions of responsibilities and trust in many different businesses
 and professions.
 Why should educated, talented, beautiful, capable, and ambitious women be tied down
 by motherhood and the monotony of homemaking?
 Why should yesterday's school queen become today's household slave?
 Why should she give up some of the great crusades of life, and settle for the tedious task
 of seeing that baby gets his bottle?
 The thing that seems to be waste becomes the most productive task a woman ever does
 when she begins to see it as something other than a person to keep her from achieving.
 Not speaking idealistically or romantically, but very realistically, what is mother in the home? ...

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 Fathers :

 Fatherhood - Luke 15:11-32
 God intentionally revealed Himself as Father because He is Father.
 Father reveals something of His nature and character, something He wants us to understand.
 We live in an age where fatherhood has been depreciated.
 There is no doubt that the traditional understanding of the family is under constant attack. ...

 Fathers Of Faith - Ephesians 6:1-4
 Fathers must accept the fact that the family becomes one of deep spiritual values
 through meditation and solitude with God and each other, only as the father leads it to do so.
 It is high time courageous fathers stood firm on the battlefield of confused loyalties
 and gather their families together for spiritual renewal. ...

 Daddy, How Do You Spell Love? - 1 John 4:7-16
 How do you spell love?
 Spelling love is more than a matter of putting four letters of the alphabet together
 in a correct sequence.
 We spell love as we express it and live it and in the way we fulfill our personal relationships.
 In that way love must be the most misspelled word in the vocabulary of our lives.
 There is abundant evidence of the disastrous consequences of a misdirected and inadequate love.

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 Help For Fathers - Genesis 5:21
 Fortunate indeed is the family and the children who have the privilege of growing up
 to maturity under the influence of one who personifies integrity and goodness
 and all those graces of character that God wants to see nourished and flourishing.
 God will help you to be a good father.
 As a father, you are potentially the child's finest teacher about God. ...

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 How Big Is Your God, Daddy? - Genesis 32:7-12
 We can tell our children that our God -- the God who was in Christ Jesus -- is big enough
 to keep all of His promises!
 "How Great Thou Art" is probably the favorite hymn of more Christians than any other.
 It tells about a God who is big enough to put the stars in the skies and form
 the soaring mountains -- and big enough to raise Christ.
 That same God was big enough to hear the prayer of a sinner like Jacob and a sinner like me.
 He is also big enough to protect our children, to forgive their failures, and to keep all of His promises.
 "How big is your God, Daddy?"
 Any father who doesn't know how to answer that question can find the answer
 in giving his life to the Lord Jesus. ...

 A Godly Father - Proverbs 4:1
 The present economic system has somewhat deemphasized the importance of Dad.
 Among the very poor, various governmental social agencies have become the provider
 and in many of the affluent families a portion of the income is a result of the wife's earnings.
 From a Biblical standpoint, man was created for something more than "bringing home the bacon."

 The Right Kind of Father - Matthew 1:18-25
 On this Father's Day let's look at a well known father who had little money.
 He had the hands of a working man and had a heart that loved God.
 His name is Joseph.
 Joseph is almost forgotten in Christian history.
 But he was one of the really great fathers in all of history.
 If we could walk in Joseph's shoes we would be the kind of fathers who would please God
 and the kind our children need. ...

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