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 Stop The Blame Game! - Genesis 3:12
 The blame game is a popular game and it is a destructive game.
 It never heals -- it always hurts!
 It never repairs relationships.
 It only destroys relationships.
 It never unites -- it only divides.
 It never builds -- it always tears apart.
 It never solves a problem.
 It only compounds the problem.
 Jesus came to stop the blame game. ...

 Families Of Faith - Genesis 25:21
 They trusted God for a child, and God responded to their faith.
 God provided a child.
 Isaac and Rebekah had learned to trust God.
 They had to learn to trust God for one another, and to trust God for their family.
 And that God honored their faith and provided for their need.
 We must trust God for our needs.
 We must have faith that God will provide.
 The God who knows when a sparrow falls to the earth knows our every need.
 Sometimes it is hard to trust Him for our needs.
 Sometimes, even the smallest needs appear to be mountains we can't climb. ..

 Building A Home - Proverbs 24:1-4
 How have you furnished your home?
 We furnish our homes with all kind of gadgets.
 We seem to want our children to have more gadgets than goodness.
 Our homes are more open to all kinds of worldly temptations.
 Television, videos, music, and the Internet are such sources.
 Through these media our homes can be blessed or cursed.
 That is why the Scripture teaches, "Do not desire to be with evil men." (24:1).
 This refers to what you do outside your home, and to what comes into your home.
 You choose how you will furnish your home. ...

 Christ Helps The Home - John 15:12
 I'm convinced that the problems of family life and marriage in America are problems
 that stem from the lack of love.
 It's not a matter of too much money or too little money.
 It's not that life is moving too fast or that technology has taken over
 or that people aren't educated enough.
 It is not that poverty or prejudice deprive people of a chance for a good home life..
 Even with all the love-talk in America, and with all the love stories and all the novels,
 the TV, the movies, and advertisements connecting everything in our society with love
 -- we don't know how to love!
 And because we don't know how, we often simply do not truly love each other.
 Sometimes, we make love something weak and shallow, and see it as emotional feelings
 and the physical expression of those feelings....

 It's Not My Fault! - Genesis 3:4
 Nothing ever is anyone's fault anymore.
 We have no-fault auto insurance and no-fault divorce.
 Drunkards are not to blame for their drunkenness is the view of some.
 They would say that the alcohol, like a measles' germ, somehow floated into their bloodstream.
 When a worker has an accident on the job, it is never his fault.
 In this self-esteem world, cardinal sin is to imply that the disasters that happened
 to us could be the direct or indirect result of our own sinful or foolish behavior.
 This, "It's not my fault," attitude is an attempt to pretend that God doesn't exist,
 and it denies one of the basic facts of life: God punishes sin. ...

 Investing In Families - James 1:22-27
 Ezekiel's vision captures the same power of water to restore and sustain life
 when he is led to the bank of a river and sees great trees growing on either side.
 He also sees this river feeding into a sea of stagnant water and making the water fresh.
 Ezekiel tells us that this water that sustains life flows from the sanctuary.
 Don't be satisfied with any water other than the holy water of God's redeeming love in Jesus Christ.
 Nothing else will transform the stagnant waters of our culture.
 Families are the keepers of our springs. ...

 You Can Tame That Tiger! - James 1:19
 You can learn how to tame your anger!
 Your best bet is to prevent it.
 As someone has said, that when it comes to anger, an ounce of prevention
 is worth a pound of apologies.
 It would be better to prevent it.

 The Bible says: “ Take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak
 and slow to become angry, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires
 (James 1:19)
 You must catch your anger early, before you pull the trigger.
 Remember, when the gun goes off, it's too late.
 You have already shot someone with your explosive anger.
 You must stop yourself before you pull the trigger.
 You must learn how to control your anger!
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