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Doughboy's Doughpage of Jokes

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 ARE YOU READY TO HAVE FUN!?! I hope not, if you want to have fun go to the links at the bottom of this page. "Doh!" This IS a fun page. I mean I think so!?! Don't mind my stupidity. Here are some jokes. If they are funny this is a fun doughpage. If not then I'll tell you where you can shove your mouse. If you have better jokes send them to me.The best will be posted on this page.

Jokes, Jokes & More Jokes

 21 Funny Things to Do While in a Drive Thru
 Top Ten Things Men Shouldn't Say in Victoria's Secret
 15 Things I Learned From The Movies
 Stupid Innunendos

 Funny bumper stickers and other funny sayings
 63 ways to tick a cop off
 North vs south
 15 Ways to Annoy People In the Next Stall
 Spelling errors found on reviews at a hospital
 Stuff From Resumes That Didn't Work
 Children's Letters to God
 Questions We'll Probably Never Find The Answers To
 Confucious Say
 Things You Would Never Hear a Redneck Say
 West Virginia Jokes
 Lawyer Jokes
 Stupid Crimes
 Bad Children's books
 DOS meats Poe
 You Might Be A Redneck If...
 Driving Test Answers
 Actual School Excuses
 My Anti-Hanson page
 Stupid Computer Questions
 Insurance Claims
 English subtitles used in films made in Hong Kong
 How to be Annoying
 Top 15 Rejected Theme Songs For The Movie “TITANIC”
 No arms & no legs jokes
 Bill Clinton jokes
 Dough Bio
 Answers given by contestants in the game show Family Feud
 Romantic Redneck Poem

Cool Pages

  This is the COOLEST page in history.
  When will you die? Find out. Click here!! (yet funny) Cartoons (At least PG13)
  Joecartoon (PG13)
  Rubber Chicken-very funny
  Assassin-very demented
  Fade to black-very weird

Friends Pages

  Kevin's page
  Tammy's page
  Leeanne's page
  Valerie's page
  Jimbo's page
  Chris' page
 D-Man's page

Look How Far He's Come!!!

Fun Pics

 President Bush's Limosine
 Someone Missed Spelling Class.
 Redneck Swimming Pool
 Mouse Found on Mars...New Photographic Evidence
 How to tell if your ass is to small.
 Learning to be a Man

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