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Rikku has the most number of Overdrives among all the characters in Final Fantasy X. Her Overdrives are created simply by mixing any 2 items. After the first time you use an Overdrive, its name will appear in Rikku's Overdrive list so you'll know what you have used before. It may not seem like much, but some of her Overdrives can be supremely useful ^_^

However, Rikku has so many Overdrives (a total of 64!) and for each Overdrive there can be as many as 10 combinations to achieve it, so I obviously won't be going through all of them here >_< I'll just list down a few of the Overdrives I find particularly useful (IMHO), as well as which are the cheapest/easiest-to-get items for them. These are not the best or most powerful of her Overdrives; they are just those which I find useful yet don't require valuable or rare items. You'll notice that the Overdrives I've listed aren't damage-causing ones, for the simple reason that the Overdrives of Tidus and Wakka are capable of causing much more damage, so I hardly (more like never, in fact) used Rikku's Overdrives for this purpose.

Overdrive name Description Items needed
Final Elixir Revives all KO'd allies, cures all status effects and restores all HP and MP. Important: Does not cure Zombie status. If all your characters have been 'zombiefied' and you use Final Elixir ... well, you'll have to reset your game then ^^;
Hi-Potion+ Lv.1 Key Sphere
Lv.2 Key Sphere
Hyper NulAll Casts Null against all 4 elements on all allies, and increases Strength, Defense, Magic and Magic Defense by 5 each.
Hypello Potion
Shining Thorn
+ Musk
Hypello Potion
Shining Thorn
Super Mighty G Casts Shell + Protect + Haste + Regen on all allies.
Lunar Curtain
Light Curtain
Star Curtain
+ Lunar Curtain
Light Curtain
Mega Vitality Doubles Max HP of all allies. Break HP Limit ability still required to exceed 9999 HP.
Potion+Stamina Tablet
Freedom X All allies can use any abilities/magic without expending MP. Same effect as Three Stars.

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