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Dead and Bloodfest Inn
Halloween 24/7 +Every second, minute, day, week and month+ Halloween all year long!
Imprisoned in frames? [Escape here and now!] Graphics enriched journey here!

Dead and Bloodfest Inn banner

torch Happy Halloween! torch

blinking green eyes

Look DEEP into my eyes and repeat after me:
I came here of my own volition,
I came here because I wanted to,
the choice of entrance is MINE. . .

skull Procede to your Halloween adventure at this marker
in the road of life and death and unlife. . .


skull Or if you'd rather not stroke the cold gravestone above,
pet the nice spider below
to enter.

Lucille won't bite you. . . as long as your timing's just right!


skull Or come in via the Alien Abductees Portal

Are you a returning patron?
So you know all the shadowy nooks and crannies here?
Then roam wherever you wish to.

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CeLebrity GuEsts
Katya is her own Halloween costume!!
Our Neighbors
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dripping blood

Scary Monsters Guest Book

signature book
Sign in BLOOD! Witness the Signatures, Pawprints,
and Cloven Hoof Images of Others

jack lantern

mailbox with teeth and tongue

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Jack with camera
Thank you for the gif(t), Jan!

Jack Skellington dropped by The Dead and Bloodfest Inn to take your portrait, so that you might recall how you looked before your mangle, er, visit here.

dripping blood

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Au matin j'avais le regard si perdu et la contenance si morte, que ceux que j'ai rencontres ne m'ont peut-etre pas vu.

In the morning my eyes were so empty and my face so dead that the people I met may not even have seen me.

from "A Season in Hell" by Arthur Rimbaud

Let everything you do be your religion
and everything you say be your prayer
--Lakota Sioux saying

You've got to dance like nobody's watching,
and love like it's never going to hurt

Nothing 'tis good or bad,
but thinking makes it so
--"Hamlet" by William Shakespeare

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo
--H.G. Wells

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"The Nightmare before Christmas" by Danny Elfman

We've been dug up times coffin
16062 Geo 22.10.01

This site designed by Draconight for anyone who enjoys a good bite, err byte. . .

14 February 04 is the last time I had a fine red vintage.
And I didn't spill a single hot, crimson drop!

7 May 04: Happy birthday, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky!!
What a young 164 years you are today!!

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from this in a financial manner, but our eyeballs are that much richer visually.