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Dead and Bloodfest Inn ++ The Great Hall: Navigation for the Dead (Welcome, Kai!)
knight Welcome to the Great Hall, your navigation page.
We will gladly spirit you away.
Delighted to lead you astray.

dripping blood

Explore, but watch where you wander!



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dagger Scary Thunder
dagger Our Family Tree
dagger Our CeLebrity GuEsts
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dagger The Dungeon
dagger The Graveyard
dagger IT'S HERE! The Nether-renowned Dead and Bloodfest Inn Tour
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Uncle can hardly wait to get in with his gift!
skeleton with pumpkin

red spider

red spider

red spider

links webrings awards

skulls and crosses

Come see our Artgallery (Uncle likes to call it our Art Ghoulery!)

skeletons at round table

These folks gather here to drink and socialize, now that Kevin Greggain's Night Gallery has closed. Yes, we do provide handicapped facilities, be you headless or armless, ectoplasm or influenced in a hirsute manner by the full moon!

glowing pumpkin

Guest Registry
signature book


catapult and castle

Lugosi wav:
"I am Dracula.
I bid you welcome."

Bach: "Toccata and Fugue in D minor"
sequenced by Al Borges

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