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Dead and Bloodfest Inn ++ Awards
Thanks for the Awards!

And now for the newest: TA DA!!

Night Realms Award 10.8.02
Night Realms

Wow howl, we haven't had an award for two years!.
Hmmm, perhaps everyone else, er, passed on while visiting with us?
9.9.02 update: it appears that Night Realms has expired. Pity.

Halloween Horror 2000 award
Halloween Horror 2000

I thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice gift for us!

The Halloween Press award
The Halloween Press

Wow! Thank you! I've run across pages where the webmaster claims they never had to apply for an award, but don't believe them.

Makes it that much sweeter and nicer when someone does offer an award first, and The Halloween Press did just that! Be sure to visit them!!

Halloween Horror award 6.8.00
Countess Blood's Halloween Horror

Thank you, Countess!
Have a yummy glass of bloodwyne, please. . .

award 24.1.00
Skellenger Pages Halloween Pumpkin Patch

And I didn't even have to go trick or treating for this one!

Blackhawk's Award 28.11.99
BlackHawk's Lair

Thank you, BlackHawk.

Halloween Online award 26.10.99
Halloween Online
is for all your Halloween needs!
Thank you very much for our first award, and this beauty too

Evil Tools award 16.9.99
Visit Evil Tool's Halloween Horror Pages!
Pink Lady's award 15.9.99
Pink Lady's Holiday Greetings

She also has webrings for you to join!

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