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Dead and Bloodfest Inn ++ Join the Tour


Alfred and the raven

You can wing it with our bat bat

or you can wheel here in style


but come prepared for your tour of Dead and Bloodfest Banner

BE WARNED! Once we start our tour, you can't jump home. You must do the full circuit*. This is a castle, not a T.A.R.D.I.S. ("Time and Relative Dimensions in Space", ref. the Doctor. Yes, Doctor Who is one of our patrons -- each and everyone of him!)

Cousin Iggy *Ok, if you're really gravely frightened in this ghoulish season, click on Cousin Iggy to return you to the Great Hall.

He might show up from time to time on the tour, and you can hitch a ride back if you see him!

ball in dragonclaw staff

Is there anyone here who still hasn't signed our infamous guest book? Sign before the tour starts!

signature book
Sign in BLOOD! Witness the Signatures, Pawprints,
and Cloven Hoof Images of Others

ball in dragonclaw staff

ghost by door ghost by door

The twins will now glide you on your tour.

skull lites

litening over house Email

Alfred Hitchcock Theme

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dripping green slime