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Northern Alabama

Shortly after my mother's death in February, 1995, I began working on my family's genealogy.  I remember as a young girl visiting family in Northwestern Alabama on several occasions.  As my family research progressed I learned that my Alabama roots run quite deep!  For some time I had wanted to visit the area, even if I didn't get to do much research, I wanted the chance to see some of the area that was home to much of my family.  

In June, 2000, I had the opportunity to travel with a friend and see much of the area that was home to my family.  I was literally amazed at the technology in Huntsville.  It seemed such a contrast to the "stories" I remember my family telling when I was a child.   

For all that I did see, there was just as much and more that I didn't get to see.  The photos you see here are representative of some of the tales my paternal grandmother used to tell about growing up in Alabama.  

On the left, this was taken from the mountain on the East  side of Huntsville, overlooking the town below.  It's difficult to see in the picture, but on a clear day you can see beyond town and out into the countryside.

Along the road through the mountain the wild Snowballs were coming into bloom.  They look much like the hybrid Hydrangeas I see during the Spring at home.  My grandmother told me many stories about the wild snowballs that used to grow near her home.   


On the way to Huntsville, I passed through the town of Guntersville, which I think I liked even better.  It's surrounded on both sides by water, with Lake Guntersville on one side and the Tennessee River on the other.  It seems to be a real sportsman's paradise.  I recently found a letter sent to her by a friend that described a summer vacation they had taken in Guntersville.       


On the North side of town, I really enjoyed seeing the lake and several of these pictures will end up in paintings! 

The lake reminded me of the spot where my grandmother first taught me to fish.   

I had to get down close to the water to get these, and being that I was losing daylight and I am more than a little afraid of snakes, I was on the lookout for Mr. No-Legs!

Across the lake I could see several homes which gave way to daydreams of a waterfront home  someday!  

As much as I enjoyed Huntsville, If I get to visit again, I think next time I want to stay in Guntersville!  It brought back a lot of pleasant memories of my childhood .


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