Southern Landmarks

Cocoa Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas

April 6, 2003, The Island of Cocoa Cay, is a private island owned by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  Prior to it's purchase by the Cruise Line, it was known as Little Stirrup Cay.  As we left one of the ship's cafes for breakfast and went out by the pool, this was the view of the island. 

Here we board the the tender that would take us out to the island.



This is the view of the Sovereign of the Seas as the tender docked on the island.  The water really is that blue!  The mermaid on the right greets the tenders as they dock to load and unload passengers.




When you get off the tender these are the sites you see.  Straight ahead is the island's own straw market.




Along the paths to the beach, Hibiscus and Mandevilla were in bloom. 

Under some of the palms were the "braid ladies", and I was probably one of the only tourists to come to the island and leave without a braid!


I could not resist some of the little shops on the island.  I came home with the traditional straw hat and bag.  You can't go to the Bahamas and NOT get one.  But my greatest treasure were the little handmade angels that graced our Christmas tree this year.

Beyond the shops was my first glimpse of paradise! 

In one of the flyers about the island, I read that there are  approximately 2200 chaise lounges on the island. 

The water really IS as clear as it looks, and it's deeper than it looks!




The island hosts every activity you can think of from building sand castles to scuba diving, to parasailing, to exploring a sunken airplane! 

The only problem with your visit to the island is that it's not long enough!





In Key West it's Margarita's and on Cocoa Cay it's Coco Loco! 




I'll leave the parasailing to the others. . .

I didn't take many pictures on the way back, I guess because I didn't want the trip to end.  But I carried a reminder of my few hours on the island--a sunburn!  Don't forget your sunscreen!!

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