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Kathleen Randall is a self-taught artist whose oils, acrylics, watercolors and mixed media hang in many private collections. Much of her work has displayed in the Southeast. She has widely traveled the Southeast, and currently makes her home in Georgia.

A prolific artist, Kathleen uses a wide range of themes, with the South being a favorite. Born in Hollywood, Florida, in 1959, Kathleen has been drawing since childhood and began painting folk art in 1988 as a hobby. 

In 1992, an accident left her unable to work due to injuries.  She painted as a form of physical therapy for her hands, when it became increasingly difficult for her to paint the folk art objects she always enjoyed, she turned to canvas and paper.  After two surgeries in 2001, and time to recuperate, her art endeavors are venturing into new mediums.      

As her artwork gained popularity, so did interest  in her web designs.  During 1999, Kathleen began developing web sites for clients, and During 2000 she received her certification as a Front Page 2000 Web Developer. 

Kathleen's first commission came in July, 1996, when she painted "Mortar & Pestle" for Patrice A. Melton, Ph.D., of Millers Creek, North Carolina.  ("Mortar & Pestle" appears courtesy of Patrice A. Melton, Ph.D.) Kathleen has accepted commissions to produce fine and commercial art for individuals and companies since.

Artistically, Kathleen's palette is limited only by her imagination, and not just to the brush, paper and canvas.  






Appointments are being accepted for new commissions.  You can request an appointment via email.


Commission deliveries currently range from 30 days to 1 year depending on the project and medium. 

Commissions & Works in Progress:

The following projects have been completed or are in progress and will soon appear on this site.  

Web Projects

In addition to fine and commercial art, Kathleen develops web sites for individuals as well as businesses.  For information on web development you can contact Kathleen directly at PinkMagnoliaGallery@hotmail.com. 


Recent Releases:

New releases will appear here as they become available.



Commissions are accepted and are priced according to subject matter and medium.  Details are available via email at PinkMagnoliaGallery@hotmail.com  

Commissioned works should be ordered along the following timeline: 

  • 180 days prior to delivery for works in oil, except portraits.  Portraits should be ordered 1 year prior to delivery.

  •  120 days in advance for acrylics

  • 90 days in advance for watercolor and/or pastel.

Commissions for holiday gifts should be placed by July 1, in order to be delivered by December 20.  All artwork remains the copyright of the artist, unless a there is a mutual written purchase agreement.

For more information concerning commissions, please send requests via email at:



Purchase of Existing Works

All existing works are available for purchase at the prices quoted on this site. All original works are shipped via Federal Express or Airborne at the prevailing shipping rates which are subject to change. For purchase and shipping details contact the Artist at:


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