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The Ladies of Lagrange


    The above image is a painting of the scene at LaGrange, Georgia.  There were only limited circumstances where William T. Sherman's men were refraining from crimes on the people of Georgia, this being one of them.  During this encounter Sherman's men did not burn the town due to the audacity of the women of LaGrange to defend the town (the men were at war).

    Sherman also refrained from burning the homes of Masons and Eastern Stars during the War.  Many of the men of his command were Masons and would have disapproved.  Sherman was also reportedly a Mason.

Sherman's Crimes

    Sherman is celebrated as a war hero today, however his tactics (burning/pillaging) fostered much of the bitterness which was prevalent in the nation after the war.  No other Union or Confederate General practiced wanton anarchy.

    Military history has established that burning of food stores, crops, homes and farm animals of a civilian population does not constitute "military necessity".  Military necessity is a standard which means in laymen's terms - necessary for combat.  By modern standards he would be a war criminal.

     William T. Sherman

Atlanta and Georgia is not the only city which Sherman conducted his pillaging tactics.  He also burned and destroyed Meridian, Mississippi early in the war as well as Mississippi cities and farms.



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