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Company E, Pettus Rebels, 5th Mississippi Infantry

Enfield Rifle

Raised in Winston County, MS.  These men departed from the Fern Springs area where Captain (Later Major in 11th MS CAV) Abner Reed had his store.  This area is known as the Skillet, Fern Springs, and Winstonville in some records.



Alexander, James

Anderson, Lafayette L., 2nd Lieutenant

Bragg, J. Zeb

Bragg, Thomas

Burnside, John, 2nd Corporal

Burnside, Newt. D.

Carter, Richard W., 1st Lieutenant

Clark, J.M.

Clayton, Thadeus A.

Commander, Jacob M.

Coward, Levi T.

Deason, Jo. E.

Dorrell, Geo. E.

Eaves, Samuel

Ferguson, Jas., 4th Corporal

Fibbs, Wm. H.H.

Flake, James

Gooden, W. Henry

Hemphill, Sam W.

Hill, Samuel, 3rd Corporal

Holder, C. Thomas

Holder, John L.

Holder, Wm. L.

Holmes, Jasper

Holmes, Robt. W., 5th Sergeant

Holmes, Rufus F., 1st Sergeant

Jay, Wm.

Johnson, Wm.

Jones, Gov. R.

Jones Thos. J.

Kelly, J. Wesley

Kemp, Abe

Kemp, J. Lathe

King, D. Seborn, 2nd Sergeant

Knowles, Jas.

Koonce, Dan

Koonce, Thos.

Leatherwood, Cary S.

Lovorn, Jo. L.

McAdory, J.T.

McAuthur, Christopher G.

McGraw, Jas. P.

McGraw, Thos. H.

McLeod, Daniel, 1st Corporal

McMinn, J. Holly

McQuine, Wm. M.

Miles, C. Munroe

Moody, J.M.

Parks, Chas. C., 3rd Lieutenent

Parks, John F.

Parks, W.O.

Pee, Jasper N.

Pope, Wm.

Poteet, Rev. John B., 3rd Sergeant

Quarles, Frank

Reed, Ab, Captain

Reed, Jas.

Richardson, Isaac N.

Richardson, Wm. H.

Robuck, W. Benj.

Ruff, Napoleon B.

Ryan, John T.

Simmons, James

Slawson, James

Slawson, Joel

Smith, Harvy C.

Smith, John K.

Smith, Rob. P.

Tatim, B.F.

Ward, Alf.

Ward, Jas. C.

White, W. Buck, 4th Sergeant

Wiggins, E.W.

Wilson, Jas.

Woodruff, Henry R.

Woodruff, Thos. P.

Young, Wm. A.



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