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Company D." Perkin's Company", 11th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment

Company E., 5th Mississippi Infantry Regiment


Company B., 9th Mississippi Sharpshooters


Company D." Perkin's Company", 11th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment

Enfield Rifle


Company E., 5th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

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This page links to the stories my grandfather and his brothers related pertaining to their grandfather Sam. 

William T. Flake, nor James Flake were not blood relations to S. Eaves.  The Flake's were step brothers to S. Eaves.  They are mentioned on the 1850 Winston County Census with S. Eaves and James Flake at 12 years old and W. Flake at 6 years old.  They were obviously very close in life, as William and Sam are in death. (Buried next to each other under Confederate Gravestones in Eaves Cemetery , Winston County, MS)  Sam and James joined the Confederate Army together as members of the 5th MS INF.  James was killed in one of the early battles of the war.  Records indicate he died on Missionary Ridge near Chattanooga, TN.  Sam was wounded, and apparently returned home in late 1862 to recuperate.  In 1863 he re-joined the Confederate Army with COL Perrin's Cavalry.  William, who had reached sufficient age, also joined the 11th Mississippi. Cavalry.  Of note is the Major of the 11th Mississippi Cavalry was MAJ Abner Reed, who was the commander under whom Sam fought in Company E, 5th Mississippi Infantry. 


Both William, and Sam survived the war.  Sam was wounded in numerous battles in the war: Shiloh - shot in shoulder; Murfeesboro- shot in leg; Chickamagua - shot in side; and Mobile -shot through hand (captured).  At the time of Sam's capture he was a member of Steede's battalion detached from the 11th Miss. Cav, and sent to Mobile because his horse was shot from under him, and there were no mounts for replacement.

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