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Civil War Monument at Macon, MS

The following words are from the prayer which opened the Mississippi State Convention in 1861:

And now, Heavenly Father, we commend to Thy special care and blessing the welfare and interests of the several nationalties, of our own, and distant lands. Bring the day of general peace; stay the hand that seeks the blood of a brother; let truth and charity prevail, that Thy name may be glorified in all the earth. Forgive all our sins--let them not be visited retributively on our homes, or our country. Make us Thy people, and deliver us from all evil, and may we never have occasion to regret the steps we are about to take in the great work that now lies before us. These favors and blessings we humbly implore in the name, and through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

 C. K. Marshall

         The monument sits on the grounds of the courthouse in the center of the town.  The units that it honors are from Noxubee County, MS.




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