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11th Mississippi Cavalry (Perrin’s)

[formerly Perrin’s Battalion Cavalry (State Troops)]


(from Dunbar Rowland’s "Military History of Mississippi, 1803-1898"; company listing courtesy of H. Grady Howell’s "For Dixie Land, I’ll Take My Stand’)



Company A -- Perrin’s Company (raised in Kemper & Neshoba Counties, MS)

Company B -- Choctaw Rangers (raised in Choctaw County, MS)

Company C -- Metts’ Company (raised in Noxubee & Winston Counties, MS)

Company D -- Perkins’ Company (raised in Leake, Noxubee, & Winston Counties, MS)

Company E -- Rayburn’s Company (raised in Newton County, MS)

Company F -- Montgomery’s Company (raised in Monroe & Oktibbeha Counties, MS)

Company G -- Thomas’ Company (raised in Noxubee County, MS, and Alabama)

Company H -- Chickasaw Rangers (raised in Chickasaw County, MS)

Company I -- Bookter’s Company (raised in Oktibbeha County, MS)



Company A -- Perrin’s Company (raised in Kemper & Neshoba Counties, MS)

Company B -- Thomas’ Company (raised in Noxubee County, MS, and Alabama)

Company C -- Buford’s Company (raised in Attala County, MS)

Company D -- Metts’ Company (raised in Noxubee & Winston Counties, MS)

Company E -- Gholson Guards (raised in Oktibbeha County, MS)

Company F -- Steele’s Company (raised in Kemper County, MS)

Company G -- Hargrove’s Company (raised in Lawrence County, MS)

Company H -- Chickasaw Rangers (raised in Chickasaw County, MS)

Company I -- Mississippi Cleansers, aka Barksdale Avengers (raised in Choctaw County, MS)

Company K -- Martin’s Company (raised in Monroe County, MS)

Tallahatchie Guards Independent Cavalry (raised in Tallahatchie County, MS)




Lieutenant-Colonel -- R. O. Perrin. Major -- A. C. Reid.

See Eleventh Regiment. The battalion was composed of the companies of Captains Perrin, J. R. Allen, M. A. Metts, G. M. Mosley, Montgomery, J. H. Rayburn, Thomas B. Foard, C. M. Thomas and W. L. Walker.

The Adjutant-General's list of July 7, 1863, shows the following State Cavalry on duty at Jackson: Perrin's company, total 45; J. R. Allen's company, total 57; Lieut. G. M. Moseley's company, total 28; Mett's company, total 42. This was just before Sherman's siege.

[Transcriber’s Note: See also "Minute Men" listing on this website, as Perrin’s Battalion was part of the Mississippi Minute Men military structure.]





Colonel -- Robert O. Perrin. Lieutenant-Colonel -- Henry L. Muldrow. Major -- Abner C. Reid.

There is no list of the companies in this department. See Perrin's Battalion Minute Men.

The regiment is first mentioned in the dispatches of Gen. S. D. Lee, from Jackson. Miss., February 1, 1864, that he had taken 500 rifles intended for the unarmed men of Jackson and Ferguson and given them to Colonel Perrin, whose regiment had come in finely. He asked for 300 more to complete the arming of Perrin's men. February 13 the regiment was reported at the Big Mountain, with Ferguson's Brigade, in front of Loring's Infantry, confronting Sherman's Meridian expedition.

When General Lee moved from the vicinity of Meridian, February 18, with four brigades toward Starkville, to support General Forrest, Colonel Perrin's Regiment was left to cover Demopolis and observe Sherman’s movements. Perrin, at Lauderdale, reported the departure of Sherman from the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, February 22.

Captain Henry L. Muldrow commanded a battalion with Gen. Wirt Adams' Brigade, through the Meridian campaign, and was particularly distinguished in the battle of Champion's hill, February 4-5, and in the attacks on Sherman's line of march from Canton to the Big Black, at the close of the month. But he appears then to have been in command of a squadron of the Adams Regiment.

April 2, 1864, Ferguson's Brigade was ordered by General Lee to Macon, Miss. [Ga.?] Throughout the Atlanta campaign the regiment, under the command of Colonel Perrin, was a part of Ferguson's Brigade, of Jackson's Cavalry, the brigade also including the Ninth and Twelfth Mississippi. The casualties of the regiment up to June 9 were: Killed, 1; wounded, 9, including Capt. J. L. Hargrove, severely; missing, 4. June 9 to June 24: killed, 1; wounded, 8; missing, 3. The regiment is mentioned as on the picket line near Kenesaw Mountain, June 20. In November and December the regiment fought with Gen. Joseph Wheeler during Sherman's march to Savannah and siege of that city. (See Twelfth Battalion.)

January 31, 1865, Lieut.-Col. Henry L. Muldrow commanding, in Ferguson's Brigade, Iverson's Division, Wheeler's Cavalry.

Order of War Department, March 25, 1865: "The organization heretofore known as Perrin's Regiment will be designated as the Eleventh Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry."

Ferguson's Cavalry was part of the cavalry escort of President Davis in Georgia, April, 1865.

Some dismounted men of the brigade were sent to Mobile with Steede's Battalion.

Federal report, flag captured at Selma, Ala., April 2, 1865, said by bearer to be flag of Eleventh Mississippi.


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