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Eaves Cemetery, Louisville, MS

The Gate of Eaves Cemetery

Note: In DEC 05 the Cemetery was growing up in pines.  Anyone with knowledge of the burial place of PVT JAMES FLAKE please send an email to the link below.

PVT Samuel G. Eaves
5th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, CSA

9th Mississippi Sharpshooters

11th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment (Perrins), CSA

Born: ab1838
Died: ab1934

(Excerpts from the Civil War records of Samuel G. Eaves)


Mrs. Nancy America Eaves
(maiden name Malone)
Born: February 14, 1846
Died: January 31, 1876
(died during childbirth of her and Sam's last son - Samuel)
Buried to Sam's immediate left.

Note: to Sam's grave's Immediate right is the grave of his step brother
PVT William T. Flake
11th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment (Perrins)
Born: ab1844
Died: if you have this information please email me


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(Excerpts from the Civil War records of Samuel G. Eaves)

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