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      The Big Brother TV show 2000 ...


      Big Brother was probably the most interesting and fantastic TV show on the air waves in the year 2000.   It was a fascinating array of 10 personal characters living and evolving in an almost military like style, kindergarten type house (less the toys of course) where the house guests did exactly what was told of them at any given time.   Could you have personally withstood the discipline, intense pressure and scrutiny that the "no privacy" cameras revealed? For a half million bucks as the payoff, I suppose anyone could.   The cameras (28 of them ) took a very close look at everything they did, feel, think, or decide to comment on in life.   Voyuerism at its finest and the ultimate best unveiling of people's personalities wrapped up in a neat little television show that was on every night except Sunday and will go down in history.   Is the experience of being under micro scrutiny like this really worth the trade-off of possible fame and fortune for these poor souls trying to scratch for a possible oportunity in life?   An estimated eleven million viewers had tuned in every night to see for themselves. Here's the breakdown synopsis of those contestants:

The 10 Big Brother house guests

      Mega ...     Banished day 16
    Mega seemed pretty sharp in the begining and could have literally almost gone all the way in the Big Brother house if he would have only listened to Casandra's original advice about re-directing his negative energy into positive energy.   But unfortunately, he chose not to take advantage of his opportunity in life and continued on being himself and maintaining some mysterious kind of a black movement presence which turned everybody in the viewing audience and the other nine house mates quickly off and against him.   I never did quite understand his point or what he was trying to convey to everyone.   What a shame and a great loss for his cause.   If he would not have been so rebellious in the beginning and had the insight to curtail his emotions he might still have been in the house.   It was sort of sad to see Mega leave the house so early because I thought finally there was a genuine true leader that could really do something above the norm special for his cause and he could of certainly made a legacy and great history statement for his culture if he would gone about it in a more diplomatic manner.   I guess hindsight is everything.   His exit interviews turned even more hideous and horrid when he compared himself to Jesus Christ on the Bryan Gumbel show the next day after his banishment.   I'm sure if Mega had it to do all over again and now that he has had time to review the tapes he would have done and said things quite differently.   But for Mega, it is only a memory now, opportunity knocked once real hard and the doorbell rang real loud on his front door and he chose not to answer it.

      Jordan ...     Banished day 29
    Jordan was also sort of cool at the beginning, until she started revealing facts about her past and began showing her true self.   That's when the television audience started thinking "okay why do we have a confessed stripper woman in the house out for a fast buck?"   What could she possibly do to enhance or help here besides upset the apparently normalcy of the house?   She admittedly added controversy of course to Josh and Brittany's relationship, but that was just a cog in the wheel because she really didn't have any true feelings for them or care about either of them.   She appeared to just be playing a big game.   Jordan was very conniving and always seemed to be up to no good almost as if she was hiding something.   A majority of the audience saw through her quickly and could tell that Jordan was basically into herself and not many people around her.   After Mega's demise, we could tell that Jordan was at a loss to connect with a new friend.   Josh was playing her like an ace in the hole card and Jordan seemed to be resentful about that.   She knew pretty much that she was second fiddle to Brittany.   Jordan was reeling against the ropes with two consecutive "marked for banishment" nominations and had to produce an "angle" that would put her back into the popularity spotlight.   Unfortunately, she never discovered that angle.   Sorry Jordan.   Maybe next time you'll discover how to win friends and influence people more affectively.

      Karen ...     Banished day 43
    This woman actually blew us away with her nastiness right out of the shoot.   Everyone felt very sorry for Karen because she was in a marriage that seemed to have gone awry at the beginning of the show and kept going into the gutter during her short tenure in the house primarily because of her open comments on live TV.   Her marriage quite possibly went south when she administered the cheap shot final blows voicing her opinion of her marriage and husband to the world the first time she was in the Red Room.   She went straight to the public about her hate for her husband from the beginning, no holds barred.   Did she think that maybe her husband wasn't watching? Duh!   This turned a whole bunch of people off.   Wow, an unbelievable and incredible heartbreak for her husband who was viewing from the television audience probably initially supporting her and was publicly disgraced and smeared in front of his family, friends and peers and who knows who else.   He was caught unfairly sort of off guard and defenseless when he heard those statements and certainly had to be ultimately devastated with her comments.   Why, did we have to hear all that grossness from her?   What was her idea to bash her husband in front of millions of people?   What was her gain except hurting someone?   Does that make any sense to anybody?   It seemed to me that she is very self favoring and doesn't care a whole lot about anyone else as evident with her interaction on the Big Brother show,   Her legacy will go down in television history through the next century as "one very nasty woman".   I think she might find it hard to find a man who will agree with everything she says, does or breathes.   I think Karen needs to sit down somewhere, stare at a great sunset in Ca, think hard, take a deep look at the facts about her ex-husband and realize that maybe he isn't and wasn't that horrific spouse she thought he was in her fantastic mind.   Come on Karen - get a real life - Why did you move so far away to CA?   Do you really think you are a true celebrity now or something?   Can you honestly look yourself in a mirror and say you are proud of yourself and you did the right thing?   You need to come to terms in realization that you might possibly be 95% of the real problem here.

      Brittany ...     Banished day 57
    The punk rocker with attitude got on just about everyone's nerves right away (in the first few weeks) partly because of hair color, body piercings and the high pitched voice.   Not only did those things turn people off but the lack of rational thinking within the house came into play also.   I know the younger generation is America's next leaders and all that, but hey, why do we have to have their national presence represented with a nose ring and green hair?   Generally speaking, people with abnormal body colors and facial piercings are usually not well received in intellectual circles and are pretty much just out to buck the system and make some kind of weird rebellious statement of individualism.   Britany was ultimately popular in the beginning because of her make-it-known to the world virginity and of course her relationship with Josh but I think Josh was playing her like the trump card.   This is by no means Josh's idea of a good looking woman, he will have his pick of beautiful women once he exits the house.   After banishment and a brief glimpse at the outside world Brittany made a point to tell Josh in the red room to be aware of possible deceptions about other house guests (like George and Jamie) not banished as quickly as she was, Josh respondedly was mystified about her revelation to him.   Josh blew her off like she wasn't even there, but I think Josh was massaging her a little bit to insure that he might be able to discuss and recontinue the post house virgin topic.   Brittany unbelievably bashed Jamie that night also in front of millions of people.   Saying that Jamie lied and was two faced to her.   Give me a break and an ounce of air please ...Truth is, Jamie could have been one of Brittany's best and closest friends forever.   Jamie has more class in her little pinky finger than Brittany could ever hope to have in her life.   What a disasterous assault on Jamie!   What was Brittany thinking?   Does that make any reasonable sense for Brittany to unload on Jamie in front of millions of people who was her closest friend throughout her 57 days in the Big Brother house?   Does Brittany have that many true realy close to the heart friends that she can afford to shuck Jamie off like a soiled nose ring?   We all saw the show where Brittany went to Ca to visit Karen and possibly shack up with her and if that is what Brittany wants, I hope that the two of them live happily forever after and maybe they might even get the opportunity together to form a team to bash someone's head in real soon seeing that they are both pros at it.   Brittany could have certainly made a difference in her Big Brother's experience heard around the world if she would have only just ditched her body alterations in the early weeks for the remainder of the show to prove to the television audience that she could be a functionally normal person and fit somewhere into soceity.   Hey Brittany, do a couple of back flips off Karen's couch for us.   There's no cameras anymore!   Remember?   The world is really really "mean" out there isn't it?.

      Cassandra ...     Banished day 71
    I thoroughly enjoyed Cassandra from the very start but she made some awful fatal errors during her "experience" in the big brother house by not participating in all the challenges and fun like a normal person would do.   I believe she let her culture and her upbringings get in the way of actually having fun and enjoying herself.   Almost every challenge that was proposed to the house guests Cassandra had to have a special social issue with it.   What was the problem here everyone in the audience asked?   I guess Cassandra was just being her own self back at her original lifestyle and not trying to play the game that Big Brother had set in front of her face.   Cassandra pretty much kept the house guests in check.   She was a very fastidious houseguest where she kept the housekeeping, meals and other daily occurrences in order but when it came to team participation, intervention and spirit she lacked the discipline to carry through like the others.   Cassandra almost left the house voluntarily when a simple questionaire was presented as a challenge and she didn't feel it was appropriate to submit because it might offend some house guests.   She should have left the house right there in my opinion (see ya later alligator).   After she revealed her dismay in the Red Room to Big Brother and they gave her an explanation that they were trying to simply bestow controversy amongst all the house guests and create an interaction to make things a bit more exciting in the house for the viewing audience she quickly relented to participation.   Cassandra, I wish you well in all your life's endeavors and the ultimate pursuit of a happy and joyous life for yourself.   You are a great person.   Thanks, for making such a great show for us.

      George ...     Banished day 78
    Okay, George is a bit crazy and eccentric but I see George as a cool family man and winner of the show (but of course, as of 2001 we know for a fact that George didn't win).   There are a lot of George hate sites out there (it's almost unbelievable).   George was really cool and popular in the beginning of the show but that perception quickly changed when his town of Rockford, Il lead by his wife Teresa organized a full militant strong effort to vote off the most popular house guests that opposed George.   This caused controversy big time when the media and Big Brother focused hardily on Rockville Il and edited the show to make George out to be like some bad guy.   Big Brother made a public spectacle of the city of Rockville trying to portray or show a ridiculous side of Rockville that America has not seen.   The Rockville main newspaper received over 1000 leters and or E-mails that were very indignant to Rockville's residents who supposedly voted against Brittany in the banishment voting.   Truth is, Brittany was voted off with a majority vote from the whole Unitied States viewing audience that would have voted her out of the house anyway even without the Illinois hometown vote.     I have to say though that as of 9/18/00 George had become quite weird because of his antics with all the costumes and different portrayals of his self.   What's with all this ridicously absurd behavior of the person from outer space?   Has George lost his mind or does he genuinely think that this effort is really going to help him win this bizarre game of people against people?   I think George is going to get the vote of the TV audience because of his extra efforts in trying to keep himself in the house.   However, there are a lot of sites out there that want George off the face of the planet as exemplified by the $300 fly over banners that have appeared almost everyday in the back yard dethroning George as the King.   Sorry George, I don't think even Teresa could of saved your chicken that particular week.   The audience cooked your chicken big time with tons of Brittany's followers behind it voting against you.   We used to think you might have been sort of cool early on until you showed up on national TV with chicken feet propped up on the coffee table and multi-dyed hair (even after your big brother exit) with all your former house guests glancing over at you only when they didn't think the television cameras weren't focused on them. .   It appeared like you temporarilly lost your mind and sanity but maybe you had a grand scheme in mind where "everyone" would win.

      Josh ...     2nd place winner but truly a big winner!
    Josh was the likely candidate to end up winning the entire Big Brother game because of his coolness.   However he didn't win the ultimate $500,000 because Eddie won it in the last minutes of the show becauses of 59% of the vote. He has sort of been the passive player in this whole round..   He has constantly been in the back field and under the radar since the beginning even though he escaped banishment when he was nominated previously.   Has Josh really outsmarted everyone in America by his coyness and preserverance in this reality game experience?   Armed with a multitude of condoms at the beginning of the show with his eye on Brittany and Jordan it seems that this smart young man might have had the edge on everyone especially all the females from the very start.   He has definitely made it into the final challenge.   Josh has been repeatedly cool about all the challenges and his desire to connect with the cute women of the house.

      Eddie ...     The most well deserved winner!   Eddie is the man!!
    Of course Eddie pulls no punches when he is referring to anyone in the Big Brother house.   He is my favorite pick for last man in the house pick (I picked him after four banishments to go all the way).   A no nonsense, tell it like it really is type person, Eddie gets my vote as the last "Survivor" that the audience votes to stay.   Not only because of his disability that I vote this young talented man to win hands down but because of his overpowering perception of things that the other house guests don't quite seem to possess.   Certainly an attitude, apptitude and intelligence that the average run of the Big Brother house person doesn't quite have, Eddie plummets forward as a person who will certainly be a big winner of the $500,000 jackpot.   But, as of 9/29 we all have realized that he did indeed take the jackpot.     I think that Eddie at some point would have taken out Mega verbally if Mega had been smart enough to stay in the house, but I think that everyone quickly realized that Mega was some what of a dolt and wasn't even cool at all.   I enjoyed Eddie's little jokes that he drops on you from out of the blue from time to time, like "don't fry bacon naked".   Eddie is definitely going to go on after the show and make something of himself big time and go far.     Eddie is the coolist of the coolist and it had to take this television show to show us that.   Good luck Eddie, "YOU" are the man!   I would adopt you as my lifetime younger brother anytime, just let me know.

      Curtis ...     Sorry, Third place but that's ok ..
    Curtis should thank his lucky stars for remaining where he was for so long.   I thought sure Curtis would have been banished long before the other guests that were surprisingly exonerated.   Curtis has been up for banishment many times and it is amazing he hasn't been ousted by the audience.   Early on, he chose to go against and rub George and Eddie in nominations because he thought he was better or smarter in some way.   Curtis has shown us that he does have a class quality to him.   When he went to the Emmy's he looked great and I think we gained a better respect for him.   I believe, that this Big Brother experience might have gave Curtis a more heightened sense of human nature that he didn't have before.   It should prove to be a source of invaluable information for him in his pursuit of his consecutive achievement in the future.   Unfortunately, it seemed that Curtis's character was largely based and viewed by us for his academic achievements and not his personality.

      Jamie ...     Banished day 84
    Jamie was the most beautiful woman on the program of course.   She had class and charisma that radianted throughout the show.   Jamie was always well poised, never difiant, politically correct and a genuine friend to anyone and everyone in the house that ventured near her.   Of course, we all noticed that Jamie was on a definite course for the pursuit of a career in acting, fame and fortune but who's to blame this talented individual for that?   She was always trying to "kick it up a notch" and that is commendable.   More power to you!   I wish Jamie the best of luck in that career journey and I hope to see her in the movies really soon.     Thanks Jamie for the Big Brother experience.   We all came to know her through Big Brother and now know that she is a super cool person with a great personality and will go on to much bigger and better things from here.   Thanks Jamie for the Big Brother experience (that was 9/21/oo).   But, ooopps, look out, I'm sorry Jamie (as we learned today) you were banished by the TV audience (9/27/00) and you might not be able to predict your future quite yet on this day but I'm sure there are a lot of opportunities out there for you just waiting.   See ya hollywood!   You really need to get a new hair style, though (the greasy hair long look is really getting on every ones nerves and is just not cool for the look that you are trying to portray).   Don't know if you know it or not, but you touch your hair at least every 60 seconds.   It irritated everyone to death in the television viewing audience about your need to touch your hair within every single minute.   People here in Ohio were making bets that you could not go 60 seconds without touching your hair and/or flick it over your ears or just touch it in some way.     We were right that you could not curtail touching your hair within a minute and surmised that you need a serious hair cut and/or change.   I'm sure we will see you soon in some kind of a post house capacity or Hollywood endeavor.

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