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Fellowship: The pocket guide
The vhs/dvd is almost here

Below is a list of images with their commentaries. The list follows the order of the movie. Read about key moments and get the inside story on their symbolism and cinematography.

The power of the one ring
Bilbo: time to disappear The Nazgul: pull of evil
Gandalf: wizard in motion
Orthanc: high but not good
Saruman: shapeshifter supreme
Tour of Rivendell
Lothlorien: bridge to a world beyond
The crown of Galadriel
The eye of Sauron
Aragorn comes out of shadow
The witch king
Wounded at Weathertop
Arwen denies the Nazgul
The Balrog
How Boromir is tempted
Legolas: hero elf
Lurtz and the white hand
Death of Boromir
Aragorn's pledge to Frodo
Frodo at Amon Hen
The eye of Sauron
The promise of Sam
Sam and Frodo on the brink
Mordor: land of shadow
Sam and Frodo Back to the Main Art of the Rings Site

All you need to track and understand the symbols, colour symbols and running themes in Fellowship of the Ring

By understanding the themes below you can see how key moments in the film combine symbolic elements for dramatic tension. Become a Fellowship analyst and make your own connections.

NEW: Scene by scene by symbols
Get in training with this quick guide to symbols in Fellowship scene by scene. Paste it to your tv as a running guide. (discover here)

NEW: Colour symbolism
All you need to understand see the war is fought out on a colourful battlefield. With links to further analysis and scene examples. (discover here)

NEW: Circles and spirals: the main physical symbols
There are a number of physical symbols that appear again and again in the movie. Find out what they are and how they impact on the quest (discover here)

Symbolism in Fellowship: hands and fingers
Peter Jackson uses hands and fingers to show the inner drives and intentions of some characters in relation to the ring. Find out how this theme runs through the movie... (more)