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Wizardry in motion

« Wizardry in Motion »

We turn smartly and come across a wizard. He is a tall figure in grey. He is clothed in a cassock. There is a world of difference between a cassock and a robe as a statement. This wizard’s clothing is working attire. This wizard is not robed in finery, he has not descended from some great tower so that the breezes of the outside world might gently disturb the folds of his finery. This wizard is decked out for utility. The range of this character's influence is horizontal not vertical. He wants to move us not hurl down spells from a great height. He is not indicating his ascended status but that his realm is at ground level with all of us. He is not shouting his ascension from the towertops. His hands are dirty.

Because this wizard’s ground is horizontal he is constantly in motion. This is not a figure at rest or one who desires to lay off. The figure is a hands on, mucking in character. The bearing is not of regality but crafstmanship. This wizard is a craftsman and as such he needs instruments for his craft and the principal instrument is himself. He is knotted, pitted and carved out of his own exercise of his craft down the ages. He is not so much old as worked. This is no trickster. This character is not going to playfully dance around mischeviously breaking up our pomposities and bad habits. The bearing of this wizard suggests groundedness, deliberation and considered action. When he acts to change us or our circumstances it may be with a twinkle in the eye but it will come after full consideration.

This is a master for sure, greater and higher than us but he has diminished his ego. He is in service and this is further indicated by the texture and style of the choice of dress. It is utilitarian. He is fitted for walking great distances, riding swiftly through whole kingdoms and his purpose is announced by his garb. He is a wizard in motion. Many are those who have looked and and cried ‘the wizard has come.’

The figure is dressed in the uniform of his craft. This craft is worn with humility. This is because the personality of the wizard is itself humble. There is no show of magic. This is no high priest of some tower way way up but a humble servant of some secret way. He is of such a humility that if he sprained his ankle he might even choose to limp rather than work some healing spell. The more to be like us. He is high and mighty but never the two together. The humility together with the mastership suggests a powerful and mystic union between the energies of master and servant. He may be keeper of the secret flame but he loves a good firework. Actually he delights in bringing the fireworks and his pleasure is our pleasure.

The facial hair is such that we peer through grey beard and eyebrows straight into the eyes. The function of hair here is not to conceal but to frame the essential features. The eyes are not piercing. The gaze this of wizard reads us. He is not here to wound with blade or spell but to minister. He might guage our motive and intercede on our behalf. We can guess that the wizard offers a remedy, good counsel and intercession. All of these will be quick. Words will not be minced we suspect because he must be off. He rides time and tide on a swift horse.

Because the route of his magic is intercession the wizard desires to be in our presence. The magical comes to us through the physical. He has taken a long ride to change our mind, alter our path or ward of a darkness in our midst. This will be done quickly, he must be off.

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