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Seer Herald

Mystic Crown
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Galadriel is the embodiment of Lothlorien. As such Galadriel is the centre of creation. This position gives the Lady powers as both seer and herald. As seer she can see within the fabric of any being in the Kingdom. She can read your mind. As Herald Galadriel can sum up your intention, your position and future. As she lives between the physical and other dimension the Lady can surmise and fortell. How is this done? The Lady herself signals the answer.

The headpiece or laurelcrown bears, at its centre a spiral. Two golden strands intertwine to make a spiral at the point of the third eye of esoteric tradition. The spiral we see outwardly signals inner perception. The two interwoven strands are silent perception and silent communication. It is an outer representation of an inward ability.

Spirals are in abundance in Lothlorien. Spirals are the chosen form of almost every structure and appear as emblems everywhere on the architecture. Here is one on one of the columns near the Mirror. The spiral on the crown is the centre spiral. To the golden spiral all are drawn. Galadriel's inner perceptions of others comes from her position in the kingdom. Her location is the centre of Lothlorien. The centre of the great spiral, wearer of the spiral of gold. The crown therefore signifies a position not above but deep within the elf kingdom. She is within so she can see within.

Here is a detail from the Primavera, a masterpiece by Botticelli. The lady here also wears a crown. The crown here also has a centre point at the forehead. The shape of the centrepiece is a star shaped flower.

Though the star of the elves appears on the crown of Galadriel the power comes from the frontal spiral, or what it signifies. The spiral recalls the cadeuces or winged spiral. The spiral is a portal to a higher plane. This plane is not some heavenly world beyond. The spiral signifies that Galadriel, like the primavera of Botticelli, is surrounded and interwoven into nature. The power of Galadriel and the depth of her mystic perception comes from a deep connection to the Wood. The crown is an interweaving, interwoven golden structure. It is like the Lady who is interwoven into the fabric of Lothlorien. The crown is not a symbol of power but of integration, connection and care for her land. This is no abstract goddess residing far above. The crown is a symbol of her presence to the dwellers in the wood. Though Galadriel will challenge us the crown is worn as a sign of fellowship.