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Wounded at Weathertop

Wound at Weathertop
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Weathertop is a ground prepared for the wounding of Frodo. The area has many ruined columns and arches which give an air of a temple ground. The composition of the Nazgul further reinforces the ritual element of the scene.

As he bears down on Frodo the sword of the witch king is illuminated by stray light. This light brings the sword into a central position, focussing our attention. The weapon was raised, ritually, sacrificially prior to the wounding. The light, though brings an element of ambiguity into the violence. Is it possible that Frodo may actually receive something not entirely negative by being wounded by the king. As Frodo's shadow could it be that the king's wound may unintentially bring about a transformation in Frodo that may have a positive element? The sword here may be picked out by an interceding light.

After being wounded Frodo sees the approach of Arwen. Frodo sees the elf in her form as present in the spiritual realm. To Frodo Arwen is a white vision.

Yet the overrall impression is that Frodo is carrying a deadly wound. The transformation looks far from having any element of enduring positivity. Here Frodo's transformed features are framed by the hand of a Nazgul. Frodo is almost in the grip of the darkness.

Frodo seems to be drawing near to becoming a wraith himself. The wound has drawn his face into a grey hue and the eyes have a metallic grey/silver quality suggesting the shard of the sword is hardening Frodo from the inside out. The windows of Frodo's soul suggest he is losing the inner ordeal.

Yet the wound can be overcome. With help Frodo's spiritual immune system can be strengthened to drive out, or at least, halt the progress of the wound. In Fellowship a wound can be a positive ordeal that can bring about a positive transformation, even a ressurection in a hero. After the wound Frodo shows greater will at the Council, he answers the call of the quest. The wounding may bring about the absorption of 'shadow' qualities such as extraordinary will and single minded focus on a goal.

The wound may indeed carry some of that stray light on the witch kings sword into Frodo's spirit. In Fellowship there is a spiritual continuum. There is a spiritual spectrum of colour. Black (shadow) is the home of evil. Grey is earthbound spirit (Gandalf) and white is the dominion of spirit. In receiving the wound Frodo may have moved along the spectrum. More soon.

below: the spiritual spectrum in Fellowship. Black/Grey/White.