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Steward and his King

Steward and his King

Boromir has fallen and been discovered by Aragorn. Here Boromir is about to die. The composition of the two emphasises a tenderness and reconcilliation. Aragornís hand rests on Boromir not to offer healing but a simple presence at the moment of death. Boromir is lying between two tree roots and it is as if he is about to layed in an open tomb. The fallen steward lies in the roots of a tree, the symbol of his beloved kingdom.

Because of the drama of this moment itís easy to forget Aragorn. Yet again though we see Aragorn in shadow.

In this composition he is a dark figure. The light is falling on Boromir. This image is as much about the troubled identity of Aragorn as the end of Boromir. Boromirís acknowledgement of Aragorn as the true king is about to come. In this moment it is Aragorn who will receive a gift from the dying steward. So here we see Aragorn kneeling as much to receive from Boromir as to reassure the dying man. Aragorn is bent to receive a gift.

We are reminded of the fallen statue a few scenes earlier. A fallen man against a tree.


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