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Marked by the hand

Marked by the hand
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... is the product of an evil technology. Crossbred, a hybrid he is an evolution of the destructive arts. He is the work of an evil hand. Lurtz bears the mark of his creator: he is daubed with a white hand. The presence of the hand signals the artificiality of this creature. Lurtz would not exist but for the intervention of that hand. The hand created this parody of masculinity, raw aggression

The hand

... is daubed on the creature, worn as a sign of the creator. The white hand on this beast originates from the forehead. Lurtz is anointed by his creator, chosen for a purpose. He has been selectively bred. That hand was not placed there in blessing but as a blow. The imprint of the blow whips the creature on like a frenzied horse. The impression of the hand starts at the brow. See how the white hand then extends down the creature’s face where the painted fingers extend towards the mouth, splitting at the bridge of the nose. It is as if the hand is lifting the features into snarling aggression. The white fingers pull up the mouth and nostrils. This tells us the creator continues to work on the creature, perpetuating the aggression. This creature is a surrogate of that white hand.. The hand directs from afar. Each strike from Lurtz would be a blow from Saruman.

The conjuring up of this beast and its mark takes back to ancient lore about the mark of the beast. The mark here is like a wound, a parody of the idea of a creative hand that fashions all that is good. This is an evil emblem, a brand for a surrogate of some grand destroyer.