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Mindless Invalid
Read Me First!

October 03 @ 9:42 PM NST: It seems like a lot of people don't exactly understand how to use my fonts, so this is here to shed light on that issue.

Most of you probably remember my old fonts. You'd copy the code in the box, and put it in the Default neoHTML spot. Well these are a little different. I call them "sets". You use two different codes, one for your neoHTML & one for your neoSignature. They work together to make a whole package.
ßPicture of avatar
ßText Preview
ßThis code goes in the "NeoHTML" space
ßThis code goes in the "NeoSignature" space

All of the codes to into their respective places on the Chat Preference page.
(Blah blah blah..)
Current NeoHTML Preview:


Enter your NeoHTML here:

(Blah blah blah..)
Current NeoSignature Preview:


Enter your NeoSignature here:

The preview in the Chat Preference page is NOT the way your font will look on the neoboards! You see those useless brackets floating around there? (brackets look like this [ ]) They serve an important purpose. When you post on the neoboards, you won't have a siggy line. Personally, i hate the siggy line. Don't edit out these brackets if you don't want a siggy line. However, there are *some* crazy people out there who like it, and if you're one of those people, then by all means delete them.

Also, before you go editing the code make a test board to see how it looks. As you will find out, your text looks fine & you don't have weird brackets floating around.

Hope this helps some of you. If you have any questions/complaints/comments about this page please let me know.
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