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Mindless Invalid
Wall of Shame

October 10 @ 11:57PM NST I see people constantly misusing & taking credit for my stuff and i'm going to stop being so nice . Read the rules if you break them, i will post your name here, and keep it here until you apologize.

- aiamim
- osmosis_078 - If you like being a completely rude and mean jerk who steals someone elses fonts and then claims them to be your own. And then stating we stole it from you, then you definately earned yourself a spot on the wall of shame. Shame on you!

Dawnbug, a friend of mindlessinvalid has a petspage where she lists all people claiming our fonts to be theirs. Its a very cool and amusing site and definately worth checking out. Shame on all the people that are on it. You can use our fonts, but telling the world you made them, thats just wrong. We put a lot of time and effort in making all these fonts!




Below are some programs you should consider installing, i use them all.. and they are all free. Make sure it is ok with your parents before you install anything. Also, if/when you do install these, make sure to run the program at least once a week to make sure your computer stays clean.

Virus -- A virus is basically a program that's installed in your computer and does things that it shouldn't do. Sometimes it steals passwords, sometimes it deletes important files and makes your system crash, some send themselves to all your friends so they get them too.. They really range. If you're interested in reading about the latest viruses & what they do, check out
» AVG Anti-Virus Scanner

Spyware -- Spyware is not as bad a virus, but annoying (you get lots of popups and other nasty stuff) so here are links to a couple free spyware scanners that i use.
» AdAware
» Spybot - Search & Destory
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