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DO NOT copy this guide for any reason. I put a lot of effort into it and i want it to stay here. Just link to it if you are just trying to help people.
(i've split the page up so it will load faster, they're listed in the order of release)

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avatar Have the Zafara Double Agent Plushie in your inventory and then search for Zafara Double Agent in the search bar of your neopets sidebar.
avatar Score 250+ points in Extreme Herder.
avatar Look up the pet lookup of a desert pet that has an anubis attached to it, like these ones: Arzhar, Sandie116, or _Cleo_99.
avatar Look up the pet lookup of an elephante that has battled, like these ones: chi2234, Tilizia, and bebe_disney. This page is STOLEN from!!
avatar Go to the Buzz Caption Contest. Then view the source of the page, by either right clicking and hitting view source, or going up to view and going to source. Once you have the source page open, hit ctrl+f to open the find box, and type in buzz. It will take you to an area that says buzz map. On the line right below the buzz map line there will be a partial url that will look like this:
Everyones number is different. You need to copy this partial url and paste it into your address bar. After you paste it into your address bar, add a in front of the /game and then hit enter and it will take you to the caption contest page again, and will give you the avatar..
avatar View the pet lookup of a disco aisha like these: Glenco, TartsRainbow, or Noodle34.
avatar View the lookup of pet that has a Snuffly petpet attached like this one: x_forgetmenot_x.
avatar View the lookup of your Snow Pet, the snow pet needs to be 100 days or older.
This means you need to own a snow painted pet to get this avatar.
avatar View the pet lookup of a 400+ days old mutant bruce like these: coolgirl1889, Pestilentia, or Kermz.
avatar Visit a royal male usul, such as: RyanEdwardA or Alexim.This page is STOLEN from!!
avatar Have something with the word ring in your inventory, then go to neopedia article about Nabile

Note: Keyrings, Ring of Sloth Stamp, String of Lights and Ring Vine do not work, others that do work are for example Cheap Earth Ring, Triangle Ringing Cybunny, Toy Spider Ring, Beautiful Golden Ring etc.

avatar Have something with the word scarab in your inventory, then only have 1np in your on hand nps, then go to the 2nd page of the How to draw Tomos page.
avatar Lookup a pet with Cyodrake petpet, such as: Tsnamii.
avatar Visit the News Page on Neopets Birthday (15 November).
avatar Look up the The Darkest Faerie (tcg). Apperently this only works from 10pm to 5am NST
avatar Visit a Faerie Pteri's lookup, such as: Bibunokira or Breeziffe.This page is STOLEN from!!
avatar Have your gender on male, and visit a male Royal Korbat, such as: Arrenius.
IMPORTANT: You can only get one of the two Royal Korbat avatars, not both.
avatar Have your gender on female, and visit a female Royal Korbat, such as: LittleAriadne.
IMPORTANT: You can only get one of the two Royal Korbat avatars, not both.
avatar RANDOM at the Symol Hole. Refreshing doesn't work, you need to keep going in it over and over again. You can try as many times a day as you want.
avatar Lose to Punchbag Sid with your active pet in the 1-player Battledome. Sid Randomly appears on your challengers list instead of Bob. You will notice it's Sid when Punchbag Bob is listed with 100hp on the challengers list instead of 0hp.
avatar Visit the pet lookup of a Baby Jetsam, like this one: littleman2500.
avatar Visit the pet lookup of any beaten, sick or unhappy Plushie Bori. It only works if the bori is grumpy, here are a few plushie boris you can try to see if they are grumpy: AchillesSomniculosus, clawerly, fairy_wares, Abalaxia, Slots, Scissored, Zanukuisum or Squishy_Bori_.
-Please do not neomail the owners asking them to harm their pets so that you can get the avatar... just have patience and wait for them to have 0hps.
avatar Score 2250pts or more in Whack-A-Staff-Member.This page is STOLEN from!!

Here is a helpful guide to help you out: CountCocopoko
avatar Put a piece of Robo furniture in your Neohome (you must have an actual room in your neohome to be able to put it in).

You can use any of the following if your language is set to English: Blue Robo Moehog, Green Robo Moehog, Red Robo Moehog, Robo Acara, Robo Aisha, Robo Blumaroo, Robo Chia, Robo Eyrie, Robo Grarrl, Robo Hissi, Robo JubJub, Robo Kau, Robo Kiko, Robo Meerca, Robo Poogle, Robo Tuskaninny, Yellow Robo Moehog

And the following require you to change your language to Japanese (second one from the bottom): Blue Robo-Quiggle, Electric Robo-Quiggle, Green Robo-Quiggle, Rainbow Robo-Quiggle, Red Robo-Quiggle

avatar Do a search on the collectable card Galem Darkhand.
avatar Score 320+pts at Double or Nothing and then collect your winnings.
avatar Visit the pet lookup of a pirate poogle, like this one: Cirrus.
avatar --Retired-- This page is STOLEN from!!
avatar Finish Cheese Roller within 60 seconds, if you finish in less than 60 seconds it is then random if you receive the avatar.
avatar Have a draik as your active pet and then visit the Draik Nest.
avatar Visit the pet lookup that has a Spardel petpet, like this one: me_ish_evil_pet_2, Anuhea or Lupeyoucool.
avatar Score 3500+ points in Volcano Run.
Tip: type Lava during the game and you will get a shield, you can only do this once!
avatar Score 1100+ points in Grand Theft Ummagine.

For some help you can take a look at Hawk_y2K1's Petspage

avatar Score 3600+ points in Typing Terror
avatar Lookup the pet lookup of a halloween meerca: Meerca
avatar Lookup up the pet lookup of a pet witha scarabug equiped to it, like these: chesszchia, Lotrettea.
avatar Own a fire blumaroo that has a fire petpet attached to it for a minumum of 30 days. If the fire petpet is an avatar petpet like Mazzew, Snicklebeast, Harris etc it will only give you the avatar until it has reached the age on which it gives the petpet avatar, after that you can no longer get the blumaroo avatar from it.
Thank you sil3nt_cha0s and victimus
avatar You get this avatar when the Petpet Labray turns your petpet into soot.
Note: You can only get access to the Petpet Lab if you have acces to the regular pet lab. This means you need to complete both the 9 pieces of Secret Laboratory Map, and the 9 pieces of Petpet Laboratory Map.
avatar Win 4 rounds in a row at Kiss the mortog, and then click on collect your winnings.
avatar Have the petpet mummy baby attached to a halloween ruki for 30 days, and then view its pet lookup.
avatar View the pet lookup of any camouflage pet, like this one: kitty_kat4525 or Mikkaitii.
avatar View the pet lookup of any purple peophin, like this one: Madison_j.
avatar Have any sort of article, comic, etc. published in the 200th issue of the neopian times. Could be that you can receive this avatar for publishing something in every 100th issue, so may be obtainable for the 300th, 400th, etc. issue of the neopian times as well.
avatar Feed your pet any item with the word 'Custard' in it. An example is Chilled Eyeball Custard. You can also get an illusens cream cookie (or anything that has the word cream in it), change your language to porteguese and then feed your pet the cream item, and you will receive the avatar as well :).
avatar Go to the Music page. Open Source (right click on the white background, view source - if this doesnt work for you then I suggest that you clear your temporary internet files and restart your computer), press CTRL F and search for the word avatar. You will see an URL. It will look like this (not exactely the same, its different for everyone):
Copy the whole url, paste it in your adress bar, press enter, and you shall receive the avatar.
avatar View your userlookup if you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Maraquan Warrior.
avatar View your userlookup if you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Maraquan Supporter.
avatar View your userlookup if you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Pirate Warrior.
avatar View your userlookup if you participated in the Curse of Maraqua war as a Pirate Supporter.
avatar This avatar is randomly given to those who find an item or the treasure in the Deserted Tomb in The Lost City of Geraptiku.
avatar Visit the petlookup of your tuskaninny while you have an item with the word 'spotted' in it's name in your inventory. This means you must own a tuskaninny to get this avatar. A cheap item you can use is Lesser Spotted Fish.
avatar Visit the Spooky Paint Brushes page.
avatar Give the Clouded gem to Erick the Cybunny in Neoquest I. He is located in the Temple Of Roo.
Thanks _cher_is_the_best_
avatar Visit the pet lookup of a rainbow flotsam like this one: sam2003_40342.
avatar Have a Quadrapus attached to your pet for 60+ days and then visit the lookup of your pet.
avatar Visit a pet lookup of a male royal acara like this one: Art.
avatar Catch a titanic giant squid at Underwater Fishing.
Lowest pet fishing level that has caught one so far is level 80
avatar Visit the petlookup of a Starry Kau, like this one: Kauvara
avatar Have 250+ games listed on your High Scores List while you visit it.
avatar Visit the petlookup of a Baby Nimmo, like this one: ChiBiKi_Kaeru.

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