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Hi and Welcome to the new Saiyan Legacy. Here you will find tons and tons of Dragonball Z/GT related Information, Multimedia and Interaction. Enjoy your stay and vote for us under the " Vote For Us " section.


 Saiyan Levels

      Super Saiya-jin

     -This is a powered up version of a normal Saiya-jin.When they reach this stage, they’re hair turns bright yellow, a and they're eyes turn green. The legend of the Super Saiya-jin state that there can be no stronger force when a Super Saiya-jin is at battle, but this definitely does not hold true. Just about all of the important Saiya-jins reached this stage, this includes: Gokou, Vegeta, Brolli, Gohan, Goten , and Trunks. The requirements for getting this strong are simple, you must obtain a power level of over 100,000,and for your first transformation, you must get super pissed, or else the change will not occur. Afterwards, each transformation is simple. See a SSJ Clip  

     Super Saiya-jin 2

     -This stage is easily more powerful than normal Super Saiya-jin form. In this form, your hair gets a little longer, and your muscles bulge more. Only three of the Saiya-jins reached this stage, and those were: Gohan, Gokou, and Vegeta. Gohan reached it during the Cell Games, and Gokou and Vegeta both reached it when they were fighting each other and Vegeta was charmed into Majin Vegeta. See. Some fused warriors also reach this stage.   

     Super Saiya-jin 3

     By far the strongest [normal] Super Saiya-jin stage. This form is one of the most obscure looking, because your hair is down to your feet, your eyebrow ridges push out, and your eye brows disappear. However, all this trades in for an immense source of power, which definitely helps out in a snap. Only two Saiya-jins ever reached this, and they were Gokou, and the fused warrior Gotenks. 

     Super Saiya-jin 4

     This form can only be seen in the Dragonball GT series. It is not a true Super Saiya-jin [along Z lines, that is],but something of a mix between Oozaru and human. In this form, you keep your hair color, you grow red fur across some of your body except SSJ4 Gogita, he had brown fur and red hair], and you wear some weird looking pants. In one of VegettoEX's editorials, he believes that this form is the true Super Saiya-jin, because you reach Golden Oozaru from this form, and a Golden Oozaru was shown in the background when Vegeta was explaining the Super Saiya-jin story. I too, must go along with his beliefs, because it just seems to make more sense.                                                                                     










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