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Hi and Welcome to the new Saiyan Legacy. Here you will find tons and tons of Dragonball Z/GT related Information, Multimedia and Interaction. Enjoy your stay and vote for us under the " Top sites " section.


          In the Dragonball world, the ability to fuse is the most powerful thing the warriors can do. Fusion combines the strengths, attacks, and power of the warriors, depending on the fusion technique used. There are three types of fusion shown to us throughout the three series, and following will be each one in detailed descriptions. At the bottom you can find some examples of fused warriors.


The first type of fusion that we see in the series is the Namek Fusion. This type of fusion is exclusively for Namek's. First, one Namek places his hand on the other, then Ki is concentrated and the fusion begins to take place. The Namek's have the ability to choose which of the two bodies they want to use. The resulting warrior is very powerful, depending on the strength of the two warriors. If by chance the two warriors fusing were once one being and parted for whatever reasons, the Fusion becomes twice as powerful. 


The second fusion shown in the series is the NATAMORU Fusion, better known as the Fusion Dance. Goku was taught this technique by two Natamoru Warriors in the afterlife. At first, they seemed small and weak, but after performing the fusion they turned into a fierce warrior. It took Goku a week to learn this technique, because he was unable to practice it with either Natamoru. He teaches it to Goten and Trunks in order to fight Buu. First, the two warriors must be equally strong and close in size. In order for the fusion to work properly, the two must perform a dance perfectly. Any mistake in the dance will end up in a deformed fusion. While performing the dance, the two must yell Fu-Sion-ha. If done properly, this is a very powerful powerup. However, it only lasts 30 minutes, and if the warriors are Saiya-jin and in the Third Super Saiya-jin level, they can only stay fused for 5 minutes. 


The third and last fusion is the Potara Fusion. The Potara are earrings that each Kaioshin wears. When taken off and put on the opposite ears of two people, the Potara pull the people together, creating a new entity. Rou Dai Kaioshin gives his Potara to Goku during the Buu Saga, and Goku fuses with Vegeta, creating the warrior Vegetto. The attitude of the new warrior is a combination of the two, but it tends to lean towards one more than the other. No requirements--other than the Potara be on opposite ears--are required. This fusion is just a tad bit weaker than the Fusion Dance, but it is still a very powerful powerup. 







      Thank You DB-Unlimited for this Fusion information. I give DB-Unlimited full credit of writing this information. Thank You again.







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