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Hi and Welcome to the new Saiyan Legacy. Here you will find tons and tons of Dragonball Z/GT related Information, Multimedia and Interaction. Enjoy your stay and vote for us under the " Top sites " section.

    ..:: Voice Actors ::..

As you can see this isn't complete yet, but it will be complete after I get all pages up and running.


Japanese Voice Actor

U.S. Voice Actor


Nozawa Masako

Ian Corlett
(1st Season)
Peter Kelamis
(2nd Season)
Sean Schemmel
(3rd Season+)


Nozawa Masako

Saffron Henderson (Season 1-2)
Stephanie Nadolny

(3rd Season)

Kyle Hebert
(Adult Gohan)


Nozawa Masako

Kara Edwards


Horikawa Ryo

Brian Drummond
(Seasons 1-2)
Christopher Sabat
(3rd Season+)












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