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Hi and Welcome to the new Saiyan Legacy. Here you will find tons and tons of Dragonball Z/GT related Information, Multimedia and Interaction. Enjoy your stay and vote for us under the " Vote For Us " section.


Pun Names

Name                      Pun

Bulma                     Buruma (Bloomers) are tight gym shorts worn by Japenese girls
Dr. Briefs                A kind of men underwear
Oolong                    A type of tea
Yamcha                  Chinese Apetizers
Puar                       A special kind of tea formed into bricks
Tenshinhan             Chinese Deserts
Jackie Chun            A pun of Jackie Chan
Chaozu                  Another reading of this word is gyoza or pot stickers
Kinto'Un                 Boiled, smashed yellow sweet potatoes with chesnuts 
Gohan                    Boiled Rice or a meal
Goku                     Translated as Air
Goten                    Translated as Sky
Saiyan                   rearrange the syllables to make the word yasai, meaning vegetables
Raditz                    Raddish 
Vegeta                   Vegetable 
Nappa                    a general term for greens or cabbage
Kakkarot                an interesting mutation of the word carrot
Namek                   add "uji" and you have Namekuji, meaning slug
Dende                    add "n" and you have denden; denden-mushi is snail in Japanese
Cargo                    add "es" and you have escargot, the French word for snail
Nail                        nail (hammer & nail) 
Mr. Satan               Named after the American word "satan" 
Videl                      re-arranged spells devil
Ginew                     Milk
Guldo                     Japanese word for yogurt
Recoome                Japanese word for cream










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