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Hi and Welcome to the new Saiyan Legacy. Here you will find tons and tons of Dragonball Z/GT related Information, Multimedia and Interaction. Enjoy your stay and vote for us under the " Vote For Us " section.



Dragonball GT means Dragonball Grand Tour this story starts when  Goku and Ubuu fights at Kami's lookout and pilaf has found al seven Dragonballs. if Goku sees the sky is black he goes as fast as possible to the place where the Dragonballs are when he sees Pilaf pilaf says I would you was little so I could smacked you under my feed. And then Goku turns little this was off course not his meaning. Bu Goku is now still as strong as he was before but now he's also little then the search for the black star Dragonballs starts. later they also fight against Bebi, Super Android #17 and the evil Shenrons. and off course Goku reaches his SSJ 4 level and becomes a golden Oozaru.




















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