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This website contains my artwork, all of which was done using Paint Shop Pro. It is all digital art, done by hand and mouse. Some of it was done when I was just learning to draw on the computer. (don't laugh...heh...) Some of it is terrible, I know, but we all have to start somewhere. So you've been warned. :) And then there are my more recent pieces which are at least recognizable. LOL! I'm persistent, if nothing else. You can also see some of my art at It is one of my favorite art resources. Lots of tutorials there. You can learn a lot about digital art. Why not check them out and have a look at some of the other members artwork. Be sure to read their advice on graphics software. I am also listed at World Wide Art Resources. And one more note, I've had to change my email due to excessive spam so please ignore the email address on any page but this one. You can reach me at The button at the bottom is linked to that email addy.

Patriotic Artwork
In honor of the U.S. Tragedy
Sept 11, 2001

Vengeance: Patriotic (My Favorite Piece)

In Remembrance of Sept 11, 2001


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My Faery Art Index

Here's an example of what you will
find in my Faery Art Section.


Fantasy I: Fairies, Mermaids, Vampires, etc.

Fantasy II

Fantasy III

Landscapes I


Florals I

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