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All the artwork here is copyrighted by NC and not intended for public use without our expressed permission. Duplicates on canvas (8 by 10) can be bought for a relatively small price. Call 830-303-7199 for info. The pages below may be graphic intensive,but have been limited to one or two images per page for faster loading.

Note from the author: Hi. I'm Debi. All of these were done on the computer using Paint Shop Pro and DCEnhancer. I have included art here that I did in the beginning when I was just learning about computers and the artwork that can be done on them, so please be kind. I have had to remove some of my work due to the fact that they were semi-nudes, and will be reposting those elsewhere. Thanks for viewing. Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Fantasy II
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Page One   The Goddess

Page Two    The Sorceress

Page Three    Captured/Elf Pic

Page Four     The Geisha

Page Five    Cinderella: Ready for the ball.

Page Six    Sinderella: The way it really happened.

Page Seven    Winnie the Pooh: Screensaver (smaller and animated)

Page Eight    Winnie the Pooh: Screensaver (the original and non-animated)

Page Nine    Bewitching: One of my favorites.

Page Ten    Jesus Christ

Page Eleven    Belle: From Beauty and the Beast

Page Twelve    My Mom (From a time before I was thought of)

Page Thirteen    Lady: A learning experience for me.

Page Fourteen    Lady Two: The Present

Page Fifteen    Domina

Page Sixteen    Bump in the Night          





Fantasy Art III

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