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Welcome to my Art Links!
Below, you will find a collection of links to help you learn Paint Shop Pro and to provide you with some resources to the program, such as tubes, brushes, etc. Also visit my page at Xanga, where there is an interesting newsfeed on art, and I post my comments, including tips, tricks, advice, etc on occasion here at:  Debi's Xanga Page.  Post your comments and advice there too if you like!

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  • Digitoils by Al Dawson - A gallery of realistic landscape paintings created completely on computer with Paint Shop Pro. Also features tutorials.
  • "Debi" has lots of everything for the graphics artist. My art is listed here. The daily tutorials are listed again further down on this list, just in case you have a hard time finding them.
  • You can showcase your art hereWorld Wide Art Resources
  • PSP Brushes
  • PSPBook: Order e-books for PSP
  • Grafo Maniac- Free Filters, Free Textures, Tutorials, Lotsa Links to other Resources
  • SF/NC Tubes and snowglobes
    (I've donated some of my artwork here as tubes. Check it out.)
  • Image Paradise-Like it says: Lotsa pictures!
  • PSP Help-Lotsa tubes here!!!
  • Karen's Korner-Lots more tubes here!!
  • Dizzinz Studio - PSP 5, 6 and 7 tutorials for beginners. Create a table scarf, drapes, glass bottles, windows, bathtub, country bed, pedestal sink, gazebo, fireplace and more.
  • Aesthetic Web - Lessons for Paint Shop Pro and Blade Pro. From introductory to intermediate level.
  • Andrew's Resource Center - Tutorials for any user of Paint Shop Pro 5 or 6 and Photoshop.
  • Art Dept - Hoods tips, hints and tutorials by Robin Rowlands.
  • Candeekis Tutorial's Galore-Tutorials, tubes, lots more.
  • Carolyn Ross - Paint Shop Pro 6 tutorials.
  • Centreline 2000 - Tips and tricks, tutorials, photos, and text.
  • Clone Brush n Colors - Tutorial for using the using the clone brush in PSP.
  • Designs by Donna - Collection of tutorials.
  • Dis Dat Designs - Tutorials for PSP 7 and 6.
  • - Several Paint Shop Pro tutorials in Viewlet form.
  • GerdesDesign - Paint Shop Pro text tutorials and tubes.
  • Glori Anon - Several easy to understand tutorial on the use of PSP5 and 6.
  • Glory's Tutorials - A step-by-step tutorials for creating graphics. Graphics available for download.
  • Graphics From The Cat - Detailed Paint Shop Pro tutorial that can be used for version 3 or later.
  • Graphics Tutorials Web Page - Creating graphics with psp tutorial pages, and loads of filters.
  • Haylers Heavenly Creations - Tutorials.
  • Hrlyville Stationery - Tutorials on making a outer frame effect and a pearl. Blade pro presets, art gallery and PSP tubes.
  • iBoost PSP Tips - Tips on how to create special text effects using Paint Shop Pro.
  • Image Effects - A collection of hundreds of links to PSP5 and 6 tutorials.
  • Julie's Tuts - Collection of PSP 6 tutorials.
  • Khiba's Tutorials - Khiba's Paint Shop Pro tutorials and tips offers beginner and intermediate users of PSP version 5 and above visual guides for learning to use the tools and effects in the program.
  • Lori's Web Graphics - Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 5, 6 and 7. Tubes, brushes, patterns and masks for download.
  • Lynxspirit's Tutorials - Teaches you how to do Morphing in Paint Shop Pro.
  • Making Graphics - Assortment of tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop, and Painter.
  • Mann Made Images Tut Zone - Paint Shop Pro 6 tutorials that need no Plugins to complete. Free graphics, interfaces.
  • Mousehold Creations - Tutorials for layers, clean up, making brushes, you name it there's a tutorial.
  • OnStage Graphics - Tutorials and backgrounds, web sets and PSP tubes.
  • Paint Shop Pro Tut-A-Day - Sharpen your Paint Shop Pro skills with a new tutorial every day from
  • 1960 PCUG Graphics - Offering over thirty tutorials for beginners to advanced.
  • PSP 7 Tutorials - Resources and help for PSP 7 users and tutorials. Large link list for PSP6 users.
  • PSP Easy As 123 - Tips, tricks, and tutorials for PSP.
  • PSP Tutorial Links - A list of links to PSP tutorials.
  • Psp7tutorials - Web based tutorials on layers, effects, cloning tools, color enhancement and general photo repairing techniques, plus new tips every week. Textures for download.
  • Robin's Paint Shop - Resources for new PSP users. Tutorials for PSP versions 5 through 7.
  • Sherrie Tutorials - Assortment of tutorials for PSP 6 and 7.
  • Udraw2 Inc. - Paint Shop Pro tutorials, downloads for masks, tubes, brushes, preset shapes, etc.
  • Visual Perceptions - Learn to paint a flower from scratch then add lighting and coloring effects to finish your painting off.
  • Visual Sonnets - Collection of tutorials on generating different effects using PSP5. One on creating the perfect opal.
  • Visualeyes Graphics - Features detailed and well illustrated Paint Shop Pro tutorials and Lake Applet images.
  • WDVL: Clone Brush - Tutorials for PSP 7 designed to teach newcomers as well as help seasoned users.
  • Web Art by ShadowyMist - Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro 5, beginners to advanced.
  • WebDesignClinic - Learn how to make tubes from Sue Ralston.
  • Willshak - Tutorial for understanding the enter workings of the new PSP 7 Color palette and explanations of the new tool bars.
  • WomanSpirit Graphics - Tutorials, tubes, seamless paper tiles to use as textures in PSP.
  • State of Entrophy- Tutorials 4,5,6,7, Blade Pro Presets &Tuts, Lotsa Filters.


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