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All the artwork here is copyrighted by NC and not intended for public use without our expressed permission. The pages below may be graphic intensive,but have been limited to one or two images per page for faster loading.

Note from the author: Hi. I'm Debi. All of these were done on the computer using Paint Shop Pro and DCEnhancer. All are done freehand. I have included art here that I did in the beginning when I was just learning, so please be kind. Thanks for viewing. (The ones that have been removed contained minor nudity which is not allowed here. Sorry.) You can also see some of my art at It is one of my favorite art resources. Lots of tutorials there. You can learn a lot about digital art. Why not check them out and have a look at some of the other members artwork. Be sure to read their advice on graphics software. I am also listed at World Wide Art Resources. (See WWAR below.)

Fantasy I

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Fantasy Artwork

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Page One    Eagle's Flight/Youth

Page Two    Sample Logos

Page Three    Sample Logos

Page Four  Spanish Dancer

Page Five  Ballerina

Page Six  Genie in a Bottle

Page Seven  Queen of the Nile

Page Eight  China Doll

Page Nine  Gypsy

Page Ten   Two pics here:   Hummingbirds/Cleo

Page Eleven   My Puppy

Page Twelve   Lady Leopard

Page Thirteen   Winter Awakens

Page Fourteen   Wolf Island I

Page Fifteen    Lady Orient

Page Sixteen    Deer/Scary

Page Seventeen    Skye Faery

Page Eighteen    School Pictures

Fantasy II

We also work with javascript and can add it to your site for free. You can see an example of the Lake Applet here on this page plus more work by qualified artists and another Lake Applet of a deer/Buck here.

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