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All the artwork here is copyrighted by NC and not intended for public use without our expressed permission. Duplicates on canvas (8 by 10) can be bought for a relatively small price. Call 830-303-7199 for info. The pages below may be graphic intensive,but have been limited to one image per page for faster loading.

Note from the author: Hi. I'm Debi. All of these were done on the computer using Paint Shop Pro. Thanks for viewing. Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Fantasy III
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Page One A    Vision: July 07, 2002

Page One B    Texas Beauty: July 17, 2002
I think out of the two that this one is best.

Page Two    Faery: Luminance

Page Three    Victorian Lady

Page Four    Vamped

Page Five    Ballerina II

Page Six    Here Comes the Bride

Page Seven    Faery Dust

Page Eight    Cowgirl

Page Nine    French Maid

Page Ten    Dark Faery

Page Eleven    Super Model: fictitious

Page Twelve    Raven: Faery

Page Thirteen    Removed.

Page Fourteen    Removed.

Page Fifteen    Removed.

Page Sixteen    The Siren 

Page Seventeen    Satania: Not for Sale (comissioned piece) 

Page Eighteen    Sea Siren

Page Nineteen    First Blood: Vampire



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