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All the artwork here is copyrighted by NC and not intended for public use without our expressed permission. Duplicates on canvas (8 by 10) can be bought for a relatively small price. Call 830-303-7199 for info. The pages below may be graphic intensive,but have been limited to one or two images per page for faster loading.

Note from the author: Hi. I'm Debi. All of these were done on the computer using Paint Shop Pro 7. This page came about thanks to Jeanne at Visual Perceptions who does a great tutorial on painting flowers in Paint Shop Pro. I couldn't have done it without her. Below is a link to her site: Visual Perceptions. Try out her tutorials. You'll learn something. Also I learned how to make a beautiful frame here at Gail's. Try it out . You'll love it too! (see Summer Bouquet for a version of it and check here for another.)

Jeanne: Visual Perceptions Flower Tutorial

Florals I

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Page One    Breath of Spring

Page Two    Ecstasy: Gladiolas and Hummingbird

Page Three    Swan Lake: swans and roses

Page Four    Essence of Roses

Page Five    Paradise Angel

Page Six    Floral Parade

Page Seven    Summer Bouquet

Page Eight    Satin Roses

Page Nine    Simple Elegance

Page Ten    Excitement: Snowglobe with little Horse inside

Page Eleven    Uni: Same as above but with a Unicorn instead

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