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Radu (Anders Hove) - Well..he didn't die afterall. Radu's one of the two characters to make it to the sequal, and Anders Hove is the only actor to come back for more.

Michelle (Denice Duff) - A very different Michelle. Not only is she becoming a vampire, but she looks like a totally different person (note the actor name :)

Rebecca (Melanie Shatner) - Michelle's very understanding yet confused sister.

Mel (Kevin Blair) - Officer from the US Embassy who becomes good friends with Rebecca. He tries to be understanding to the situation, but might be a bit too logical.

Popescu (Michael Denish) - I guess you can say Karl's replacement for this movie. He clues Rebecca in on the local legends and stuff.

Mommy (Pamela Gorden) - Radu's mother..seems like the reason Radu is the way he is.

Lt Merin (Ian Haiduc) - Aids Rebecca in locating Michelle..believes Michelle is possibly a criminal.

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umm..don't read any further if you haven't seen the movie and don't want it spoiled


The second in the series focuses on Michelle, who is now a vampire fledgling, all alone with no clue what to expect in the coming days.

This one starts out with a recap of the first movie in black and white (a cool approach if you ask me..but it's only on the Sci-Fi channel's version). Radu is lucky enough to be the first person to wake up and is able to kill his brother without any fuss. Unfortunatly he wakes up right before dawn and does not have enough time to take care of Michelle or take the Bloodstone.

Michelle gets up, grabs the Bloodstone, and leaves to call her sister (Rebecca) for help. Before Rebecca can come to her side, Michelle is believed to be dead ( technically she is) and is taking away from the hotel.

In this movie, we get to see the little goulish creature that is Radu's mother. She doesn't seem happy to see Radu until he tells her he killed his father. Then she finds out Michelle has the Bloodstone, she orders Radu to kill her, which he cannot do because he is beginning to fall in love with her.

Rebecca, Mel, Lt Marin, and Popescu begin the search for does Radu. The first time Michelle meets Rebecca in the park, Michelle takes the bloodstone and says it's too late for her, then she notices Radu in the trees and starts to run. Radu follows Michelle to where she is staying and tells her that she belongs to him and they could be so happy together. Michelle refuses to listen, so Radu just takes the bloodstone and leaves.

Michelle is now without the bloodstone..and her urges are becoming uncontrollable, so she goes to the local rock club and brings home a victim. After she makes her first kill she meets Rebecca in the park again. Radu is also there again, and this time he takes Michelle with him. It is almost sunrise and they don't have time to go back to the castle, so Radu takes her to his mother's crypt to rest until the sun goes out.

With noone else to go to, Rebecca asks Popescu for help, he is more then anxious to help out, and says he knows the only place they could have gone. They go down into the crypt thinking it would be an easy kill with Radu sleeping, unfortunatly Mummy is wide awake. Popescu gets the axe, Radu awakens, and Rebecca gets tied down rendering her helpless. Michelle hears the screams and comes to rescue her sister. With a nice knife to Radu's face, and then one to the hand, he is down. Rebecca finishes him off with a spear the heart..and he's out.

It is still daytime, so Michelle cannot leave the crypt. Rebecca promisses to wait right outside until dark, and then they can go together. Mummy comes out of nowhere and grabs Michelle, cue credits..and see ya next time!

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