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{IMG - Radu}{IMG - Radu}
Radu Vladislas
Subspecies Subspecies II Subspecies III Subspecies IV

Radu is the villain in the Subspecies movies. He is half vampire (and half..uhh..whatever his mother is) but is not the romantic style vampire (well..not totally anyway). His appearence is very monster like and his fingers give him a very Nosferatu feel (which I believe Ted Nicolaou gives credit to for inspiration).

A cool thing about his fingers is he has the ability to turn them into little servents (who, by the way, are called subspecies). He does this at the beginning of the first movie by actually breaking his fingers off. This is the only time we see them created until the very end of the third movie where they are formed out of Radu's melted skin.

Before the series starts, Radu was banned from his father's kingdom for not being able to live in peace with the humans. Since Radu was the oldest of the two sons (Stefan being the other son), he had a birthright to posses the Bloodstone after his father. When the story starts, Radu has come to claim this Bloodstone..which he does by killing his father.

In the first movie Radu is of course very cool, but in my oppinion atleast, his character isn't very developed. He basically comes across as an evil being that decided to make 3 college girls his prey. But by the second movie, we get to see some of Radu's personality come out.

With Bloodstone: Subspecies 2, we find out that even though Radu is evil, he is not all bad. For one thing, he seems to be momma's boy. After he's done wreeking havoc over at the Monestary in part one, he goes straight to his mother to tell her what he has accomplished. We also find out that Radu can indeed have feelings for people. When Mummy finds out that Michelle has the Bloodstone she orders him to dispose of her, but he refuses to because he has plans to take her under his wing and eventually have her as his queen.

Then comes Bloodlust: Subspecies 3. His feelings for Michelle are shown even more, and I think it's safe to say that Radu actually shows love towards her when he chooses to destroy his own mother before she has a chance to kill Michelle.

Radu's pride must have been hurt at the end of Bloodlust, because he seems to have to prove his power in Bloodstorm. First he goes over to his old pal Ash and pretty much takes everything Ash has worked so hard for, including using his number one girl for the night. Radu is still after Michelle..but instead of it being a love relationship..Radu just seems to be on a mission to get Michelle to accept him, showing very little care towards her. But Radu is not all bad..instead of just taking that ultra-cool robe from the street begger..he drops a few somethings (gold coins?) into his bucket and tells him to buy himself another. You need to have some sort of heart for

Radu is one vampire that takes the word immortal seriously. He has been beheaded, stabbed, shot with a round of silver bullets, burned by the sunlight, impaled by a tree, douced with holy water, impaled by a stake, beheaded again, burned, and left in the sun to dry, and still keeps coming back for more (we hope anyway).

{IMG - Anders from Critters 4}

Anders Hove is the wonderful actor that takes on the role of Radu. I don't know much about him besides he's from Denmark and makes a great vampire :) If you are interested in finding out more about him, take a stroll on down to this Anders Hove page.

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