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Radu (Anders Hove) - Like you weren't expecting him.

Michelle (Denice Duff) - Same old Michelle..except she's at Radu's mercy.

Rebecca (Melanie Shatner) - Continuing her mission to rescue her sister.

Mel (Kevin Blair) - He has become a believer.

Mummy (Pamela Gorden) - Once a Mummy always a Mummy.

Lt Merin (Ian Haiduc) - Still annoying..but also proves to be not so smart.

Bob (Michael Dellafemina) - This guy's good!!

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umm..don't read any further if you haven't seen the movie and don't want it spoiled


Before Rebecca has time to find help for her sister, Mummy resurrects Radu and teleports all three of them (Mummy, Radu, and Michelle) to Castle Vladislav. Michelle finally gets Mel to believe her about the vampires and they visit the late Popescu's office in order to "borrow" his book about the Vladislav legends and his assortment of vampire slaying weapons.

Once they get passed Marin and his men, Rebecca and Mel (and Marin for some reason) go through the secret entrence of Castle Vladislav only to find out it has been sealed off from the rest of the castle. Knowing that Radu senses their pressence, Michelle tells him that she would do anything as long as Rebecca is not harmed.

Knowing they can't do it alone, Mel contacts his old climbing buddy Rambo (uh..I mean Bob). Bob brings with him everything needed including climbing gear, bullets made from a melted down silver cross, walky talkies, and a light tight body bag. After scaling the side of the building bare handed (I said he was good), Bob helps Mel get up himself. Together they go in to clean house.

Thanks to Mummy, Bob-o gets a knife to the forehead rather quickly, and Mel gets himself captured. Mummy also tries to take out Michelle because she will be Radu's downfall, but Radu would rather see his mother die then that's what he does. Being the kind genreous soul that he is, Radu allows Michelle to go outside and talk to her sister. While she is pleading with Rebecca to leave before it's too late, Radu takes out that Marin guy. When Radu approaches Rebecca, she pulls the gun on him and demands that he lets Mel out and allows then to leave with Michelle.

Once back inside, Michelle takes the gun and goes to kill herself because she cannot stand the life she is forced to live, but at the last second she turns the gun on Radu and fires a few rounds at him. They grab the Bloodstone and starts to leave the castle. Radu follows them out, but since he has several bullet holes throughout his body and the fact that the sun is coming out, he is very weak. He demands the Bloodstone, so Rebecca gives it to him..unfortunatly her aim is not good and it happens to fall off the side of the castle :) Radu falls off trying to get it, gets burned up from the sun, and falls onto a dead tree with the branches driving themselves right through Radu's body (that's's over..there ain't no way he can get up from this). Rebecca and Mel get Michelle in the body bag and they take her somewhere.

As Radu continues to melt, his drops turn into those little sunspecie thingies, and they walk towards the Bloodstone.

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