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{IMG - Tate's Michelle}
Michelle Morgan
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Michelle is one of the three girls that we meet in Subspecies who are studying the folklore of Romania. Out of the three, she's the one that Stefan takes notice to the most..and she also shows a strong interest in him. Eventually both of her friends (Lillian and Mara) fall to Radu's control, and since Michelle's friendship towards them won't let her leave with even a chance of her friends being alive, Michelle stays..and too gets turned.

Michelle is extremly lost in her world. She knows she is not the same person she was before..but at the same time has no clue what to expect in the future. For the first day or two after she is turned, she is the possesor of the Bloodstone, but seems nervous to use it, I guess she knows she has no clue what powers it has and what effect it may have on her. Once Radu comes to reclaim the stone, and unsuccessfully claim Michelle as his loyal fledgling, Michelle is left with no choice but to go out hunting. She really does not want to have to feed off humans, as it can be seen after she turns down her first opportunity, but her vampiric side takes over and soon she can no longer control herself. Even after her first feeding she must have been disgusted with herself since she gets sick just thinking about it.

{IMG Duff's Michelle}

After Radu catches her we see how extreme her hatred for the new her is. Radu tries to teach her the ways of the vampire, but she just wants her life to be over. Even when her sister Rebecca comes to save her, Michelle pleads to be killed also. Lucky for us, Rebecca had no intention of listening to her sister, and Michelle could not go through with it when she had a chance to end it herself.

On their escape from Castle Vladislas, something happened and Rebecca and the embessy guy Mel both died in a car accident. Michelle of course survived because of her vampiric ways, but yet again, she is lost and alone. She ends up in a monestery that was converted into a hospitol, but soon gives up her protection from Radu in order to save his life. Despite this sudden concern for him, Michelle still wants her freedom after the event.

By the end of the series, Michelle is chilling with Radu, but still wants nothing to do with being a vampire, and once her newly found friend Anna's life is threatened, Michelle assists in finishing off Radu once and for all.

As Michelle says at the end of Bloodstorm, she now owns the Bloodstone, and is slowly discovering all the powers it posseses. We can only assume she continues to live a happy and hunt-free life (or becomes a terrorist worse then're choice I guess) until another movie is made about her.

In Subspecies 1, Michelle is played by Laura Tate. I really have no clue who she is besides the movie. I hear she was in a movie called Dead Space in 1991 and Diggstown in 1992, you might want to check them out (you know I will eventually)

{IMG Denice Duff}

For the rest of the series Michelle is played by the wonderful Denice Duff. She has had numerous roles in film and tv, and a whole bunch of commercials you may have seen.

Some of these roles include:

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