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- Radu takes care of his family ties.
- But is not at all a happy camper.
- Michelle goes off to find a place to rest.
- Meanwhile Rebecca comes to the cries of her sister.
- She meets a caretaker named Popescu who tells tales of vampires.
- Michelle attempts to taste the Bloodstone for the first time.
- Mel and Marin refuse to believe in the legends.
- When he bloodlust is up stay out of her way.
- Rebecca and Popescu must take care of this themselves.
- But you know who won't go down without a fight.


Radu - "You will suffer dearly for this" (~30KB)

Mummy - "The Bloodstone..give it to me" (~49KB)

Radu - "The Bloodstone is not for creatures such as you"" (~37KB)

Marin - "More and more this sounds me like a case of stolen goods" (~63KB)


You need the RealAudio Player in order to listen to the music.

Cut and pasted clips from the metal club. Quality ain't great..but look what I had to work with.

Music during the closing credits.

Theme song for Full Moon's videozones.

Most of the music in these movies was created by Richard Kosinski.


You need the RealAudio Player in order watch these movies.

Trailer 28.8 56k

Or you can go here to download a great quality version (of which I made these real video versions of).

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