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Egyptian Mummies: (folklore)

Egyptian Folklore

Over centuries, mummies have been popular in literature and movies. By the 17th century mummies, and curses associated with them were plots in many Gothic stories. During the early 20th century stories including mummies continued, for example Titanic disaster. This was a story from about 1912 which blamed the sinking of the titanic on a mummy that was supposedly on ship. Another legend says that everyone one that had something to do with the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun died early and unnatural deaths. Though this was wrong since Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb, and the water boy, who was one of the first into the tomb because of his size, both lived a long happy life. The first major movie that had to do with mummies was The Mummy of 1932 (not the more recent movie also titled The Mummy). This film stared Boris Karloff as a dangerous but sympathetic character. But later movies showed mummies as violent murderous creatures. These obscured the fact that to the Ancient Egyptians the mummy was a reassuring and soothing reminder of the deceased. They had passed on to a carefree life with the Gods.

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