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La cattarata de la paz
This is on a ground level walkway. We had just come up from one of the trails on the property, and found this HUGE leaf lying in our path. We thought it looked like a gargantuan, prehistoric oak leaf; a perfect example of the lush abundance to be found here.
  One of the most prolific species of flowers to be found in Costa Rica belongs to the genus of Heliconia. This is Heliconia psittacorum, commonly called Andromeda.
  Here is one of the poison dart frogs, which is playfully called "blue jeans" because of his blue limbs. The species in Costa Rica are not severely poisonous, and are a relative of the poisonous frogs that coined their name.
  Shampoo ginger
  And here's someone trying to hide in a shampoo ginger plant
  There are LOTS of bugs and spiders in Costa Rica. What we called the "night life" in Selva Verde was hanging out under the lights along the walkways to see what strange bugs we could find.
  There is a quaint bridge with a thatched roof that spans a small creek running through the lodge. You can sometimes find animals that hang out there.