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La cattarata de la paz
A journey into higher elevations brought us to Monteverde, a small community within the cloud forest. It is a little chilly and moist here, so be sure to bring a sweater. Monteverde, for being so small, does offer quite a few things to do and see. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, Hummingbird Gallery, Monteverde Butterfly Garden, The Canopy Tour, and a serpentarium are some of the places to check out. The coffee at Café Monteverde is delicious, "grown in harmony with the cloud forest," and can be yours for just $2.00 a pound!
   The roads in Monteverde are unpaved, making for a rugged ride. The people of the community are very conscious of the impact that tourism has on this area, and have purposely left the roads that way in order to curb the exploitation and ruin that high tourism can bring. In the same spirit, only a manageable number of visitors are allowed into the preserve at a time.
    Many bird watchers come here to catch a glimpse of the elusive resplendent quetzal. I
didn't get a chance to see the quetzal, but my favorite bird spotted here was the black faced solitaire, or as my guide Samuel called it, the squeaky gate bird. Its call is a mysterious, high pitched sing-song that really does bring to mind a metal gate swinging in the wind. Its high pitched notes bounce and reflect off the trees and the drops of water, making its origin hard to discover. It will sound like it's coming from all around you, bouncing from one side to the other.
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