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La cattarata de la paz
There really isn't a great deal to say about San Jose. But, it's where you will start off your trip, most likely. When you are in San Jose, the Hotel Grano de Oro is a fabulous place to stay. The only thing we photographed in San José was the hotel.The New Key to Costa Rica quotes it as having "one of the best restaurants in the city...If you have to stay in San José, this is the way to go." It is a beautifully renovated mansion, and after your plane ride, you'll be happy to settle in here. It is also close enough to downtown for a long walk if you feel like exploring. The rooms are luxurious, spacious, impeccably clean, and even have the modern conveniences which you will probably be saying good-bye to for the remainder of your trip. The food in the restaurant is excellent and creative.
Here's Rob living it up in one of the fancier rooms.

This is a fountain down one of the hallways. It's nice to walk out of your room to a sunlit fountain.
Here we are having our last meal in Costa Rica on the patio.